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Study Notes and Theory

A CISSP Study Guide


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Study Notes and Theory

CISSP Members Portal

  • We offer a different way to study for the CISSP exam

  • New May 2021 Exam content added monthly

  • 45+ hours of CISSP-focused videos

  • 775 holistic practice questions
    (with full explanations)


  • 1,350 flashcards

  • Comprehensive PDF notes

  • Emphasis on "how to think like a manager"

  • Cross-domain correlation across multiple domains
    of the CISSP Common Body of Knowledge

  • Members also get free access to a
    private CISSP Telegram group

Sample Content

CISSP Videos

CISSP Videos

Practice Questions

Practice Questions

50 CISSP Flascards

50 CISSP Flascards

Subscription Plans


Billed Monthly 

Recommended for those 1-2 months away from the exam. 


Billed every 3-Months

Recommended for those 3-4 months away from the exam.


Billed every 6-Months

Recommended for those 5-6 months away from the exam.


"Need to say that I have already benefited greatly from your content, and I haven't even been a member for 2 weeks."

"Everyone I have told amongst my peers are surprised how I managed to clear it and have passed on word that my source of inspiration is the SNT platform."

"Questions stopped at 100 and it was simpler than SNT questions. SNT questions gave me a good base on how to decipher the questions."


About Me

Luke Ahmed

Network security engineer by day.

CISSP instructor by night.

I dream about CISSP. 

Then I wake up and make my dreams come true.

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