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December 1, 2022

Luke Ahmed, CISSP Instructor

8 years direct security experience. Author of "How To Think Like A Manager for the CISSP Exam"

Exam Strategies

CISSP mindset, think like a manager,

cross-domain correlation techniques, motivation and encouragement

Special thanks to Mr. Luke Ahmed for motivating and keeping me engaged in all your videos with your experience shared in a simple way.
Luke’s questions drove me mad … however they were immensely helpful to be ready for the questions I got at my exam, and on top of that they taught me so much…
Explanations of TOC / TOU, SAML, SPML, XACML, OpenID, SCADA, IOT Security were amazing. Luke's explanation with practical examples are extremely well.
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Luke Ahmed, Course Instructor

In all my years in security, I've come to learn this one thing: 


Certifications alone do not make you a security professional, that takes having years of direct hands-on experience.  What certifications do is present certain opportunities for you that would have otherwise remained closed.  Having the CISSP alone opened doors for me that I did not even know existed.  

I got into I.T. on the bottom rung of a very tall ladder. I was the kid you called if the printer queue was backed up or you needed help setting up the projector.  The kind of job where 90% of tickets are completed by a reboot or a power cycle, know what I mean?

The kind of job that motivates you to work as hard as you can to get the heck out of there as soon as possible.  I’ve been there - where many of you might be right now. Stuck in a job, looking to make a move! 


But passing the CISSP exam changed everything!

In 2015, I launched Study Notes and Theory - A CISSP Study Guide.  For the uninitiated, the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) exam is one of the most difficult and grueling professional exams on the planet. Also administered by the (ISC)2, this elite gold standard security certification has a pass rate of approximately 20%.



As of November 2022, I've helped over 2,800+ CISSPs who have used our content to pass their CISSP exam, achieve career highs, and become respected security professionals.  I have also had the privilege to write the CISSP book "How To Think Like A Manager For The CISSP Exam" - currently one of the top six CISSP exam books to ever be written.

Exam guarantees are not my thing.  But if you subscribe to this CISSP course, I will give you my heart and everything I have to make sure you are a CISSP.  This is the only guarantee I have made to CISSPs worldwide for the last 7 years.

Whatever path you take, all the best to you: future security professional! 

Thank you.

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