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A comprehensive guide to preparing for your CISSP exam

There is no correct way to earn your CISSP certification.  But there are three qualities which are a must: dedication, consistency, and relentless.  

If you want to read how others cracked their exam, check them all out here.

Below is a comprehensive list of the general materials and resources I recommend that has worked for my course students in a progressive knowledge-building approach whether you have 1 year of security experience or 10 years.

I promise you the pain of going through the journey of the CISSP is nothing compared to the feeling of passing it.

If you'd like a free video emailed to you on "How To Start Studying Your CISSP Exam" - please check out the link below.


Primary Books - Try to get at least 2

Secondary Books - All three are must-haves

Practice Questions - Pick the Sybex, or get both

I read all of these book regularly and use the information to teach the core concepts, main objectives, and difficult subject matter in my Members Portal that has now helped over 3,000 students become CISSPs.

All the best, Future CISSP!

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