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Domain 8: Software Development Security

Study Notes

Why We Need
Software Development Security

Software Development Models

  • Waterfall

    • Requires each phase to be completed before moving onto the next​

    • And once you move onto the next phase, you can't go back to the previous phase

    • This is not flexible and is too rigid for today's dynamic coding environments

    • So I don't think this is really used anymore

  • Modified Waterfall

    • An improvement on the Waterfall method in that you can go back a step if you need to​

A History and Evolution of Programming Languages

  • Here are some of the key programming languages

    • C++, Java, Fortran, Python, SQL, ​PHP, Powershell

  • There are different generations of programming languages

    • 1st Generation​ = Machine Language

    • 2nd Generation = Assembly Language 

    • 3rd Generation = Compiler Language

    • 4th Generation =Refined Natural Language (close to humans)

    • 5th Generation = Visual Coding/Language

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