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How Parikumar Cracked His CISSP Exam

My story of CISSP:

I heard from my brother about the CISSP. The way he expressed itself motivated to start this journey. But every one asked me to do something else, as the certification is very tough and eventually I will fail.

It was challenging when everyone portrayed it as tough and it has high value.

Fully in dilemma what If I broke/didn't pass. People told me about Luke Ahmed and Study Notes and Theory.

So I messaged Luke and I got a response immediately, he told me to give a try. Still I have his message with me. "Give it a shot" :)

I don't have any mentor to do this certification, I put a plan by myself and showed it to Luke.

He responded so fast and he told me it was an awesome plan and stick with it.

I started with Sybex 8th edition - I can't read more than 20-40 pages per day. It was super dry, but worth it.

Almost broke when I was in the 11th chapter, the never ending one. I was about to break but remember one of my friend told me long before - "the bad attitude is not about success or failure, it's actually not even trying it. So put your effort."

Again I braced myself and I completed the sybex book after 8months. Then I started with Shon harris - She is the mother of CISSP. Very easy, not at all dry. She relates everything with some examples.

After some days My life started hitting me back, my other brother went to almost death bed due to pancreas failure. I remember even in the hospital I was studying.

The moment he got cured, my father got intestine cancer and he was admitted in the same hospital and the same bed. I almost spent most of my life time savings in hospital.

What I have left was "unsatisfied job" and partial CISSP knowledge. Only way to get success is to grab this golden certificate.

I started putting more effort into CISSP to make things fast. It ends up in office escalation that I am studying in office hours and not paying attention to my work. Almost whatever work I am doing becomes wrong and SLA breaches.

Balancing certification like CISSP, office things, wife miscarriage, family problems, previous break-up all pushed me to edge of the cliff.

At last I planned to give the test, 3months before the exam I subscribed to SNT. Ah Luke! He was the best teacher I have ever encountered in my life. If I got such a teacher like him in my school or college days. I would reach stars or at least Mars. :)

Whatever I imagined about the concepts were all wrong. Luke's explanation gave me in depth knowledge and took me to the right path. It's astonishingly worth it.

Below are my list of things I have prepared during my tenure: (Almost every thing below is cover to cover)

Sybex official 8th edition

Sari greene videos - oriley

All in one exam guide shon harris 8th edition (325)

Weiley prep guide

Shon harris MP3

Sybex practice questions (1300)

IT dojo Practice questions (250)

Study notes and theory subscription 3 months + telegram group (countless qns)

SNT qns (725)

Total tester 7th free edition, sybex book back qns (650)

Pearson prep test in oriley (1200)

Eric Conard 11th hour

Udemy thor practice qns (1000)

Exam topics (1170)

Certbolt (380)

Rob witcher : Youtube mind maps

Process Guide - madunix

Sunflower notes

Cissp Last minute review

Handwritten notes.

To be frank whatever the engine I took - I failed in all, only 40% max to max I have scored. The CISSP exam is the first engine that I got passed LOL.

Exam has nothing to do with practice qns, but as much practice qns you take it will be good during exam. It will take out fear when you are facing the real exam.

Telegram group of Luke: Studying and practice qns helps only 50%. But how to be prepared 100% - collaboration matters. The telegram group was so awesome.

Every day 30 qns guarantee. You can discuss, post the qns you want explanations - People are so active here and every one eager to pass so all help you.

The main reason I passed is because for the last one month I was so active in this group. Countless qns and discussions.

Admins Ahmed Ali and Anna will well take care of you people. Daily 2-3 people get a pass from this group.

Short cut: You need in-depth knowledge in all domains to pass this exam. Exam is not a joke, how to get this in depth knowledge is by doing cross domain correlation by luke.

A Few videos of his shows how to do this. It's sufficient to see his videos. If you have time, You can also do it by yourself. You will learn new things, and start relating to the overall security purpose.

Managerial thinking: ONLY Study Notes and Theory has such qns with super-duper difficulty. I scored only 10 or less in every part.

Also watch below videos multiple times - I don't care how much times you going to listen the below videos only this one will help you in exam.

At Least I watched these videos minimum 10times. How to answer CISSP

Need motivation: Everyday I watch these two videos at least 3-4 times - literally every day.

In exam pad I wrote "Come on tars" 5 times at least (From Interstellar movie - docking scene)

The 1.4 years journey took for me- I know it's long, I am a backbencher in my school and college days. I remember how many attempt to pass each and every subject during my academics.

So believe me guys If I am able to do this, then everyone can do.

Special thanks to my friends and family for being part of this CISSP journey.

Thank You and Have a good CISSP journey.


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