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How Louanne Cracked Her CISSP Exam!

First of all thanks to ALL in this group YOU guys keep me going and motivated.

Special Thanks to Ahmed K, Mad Unix, Upen, Naresh, Siddy, Erza and the list goes on.

My journey started with passing the CISA (2016) and CISM (2017) certification, then I went for CISSP.

You have to know your WHY?

What I mean is WHY you want to pursue CISSP? Is it knowledge, promotion, change of career, money? Right it down on a big CARD and read it every day especially when you feel lazy, tired and frustrated.

Round 1

1- Watched Kelly Hander Han video to get an overview of what CISSP was about.

2- Watched Shon Harris video per Domain and read each Domain in Sybex book.

3- I reviewed Professor Messer Security + videos ( Free ) to gain a better understanding of concepts

4- Followed each Domain with Questions and Answer at the end of each chapter, ISC2 Practice Exam and Shon Harris Total Tester to get different flavors of questions.

Followed along and participated in the group when I could.

Round 2

5- Once I completed the entire book, now I had a basis to grow from. So I created a revision plan.

Since, the CISSP is 1 inch deep and mile long. So my revision plan consisted of 1 hour review each day of prior domain topics. This helped keep the information floating in my head along with 10 questions plus for that domain.

My study time was 4.45 AM to read, that’s when I absorb things like a sponge and the evening watched videos, reviewed and Q N A.

Revision - Used my Plan to review all domains again. This time I used Sari Greene videos from Safari Online, which gives another flavor at the same time ran through the Official CBK Green book. Once you watch Sari Greene videos per domain, along with CISSP green book it makes for MUCH EASIER READING. I continued with Q N A from the green book. It is a MUST to review.

The questions examples best mirrored the ones Sari Green supplied in her videos.

Followed along with Budding CISSP team and BAM BAM – I passed.

Mind you I had personal everyday hurdles, but keep your WHY your focus to motivate you.


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