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Budding CISSPs Telegram Group

Welcome to the Budding CISSP Telegram Group
If you are a member of this site then you can join this group for free!  It usually costs $5 to join.  
This group was founded in conjunction with Study Notes and Theory to help anyone pursuing the CISSP certification. It has helped produce CISSPs worldwide!
Ask your CISSP questions, find some motivation, and most important of all, don't give up on the road to being a CISSP!
Reminder:  Group is being monitored by ISC2 members!
Please check out Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy
Be careful and refrain from asking exam questions/Copyright materials
Group Rules
1. Be polite and courteous, it just makes the world a better place
2. Don't ask for PDF copies of books or study guides, or anything that violates copyright infringement laws
3. Participate in the discussions to help each other to understand the concepts
4. Please label the question and post one by one
5. Don't post spam or Promote your business
Request you all to adhere to the above rules else will be removed.
Thank you and enjoy your stay!
If you have paid for the membership, kindly drop me an email with receipt at and you will be added.  
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