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How Sylvester Cracked His CISSP Exam

I passed the CISSP Exam yesterday. Thanks be to God, Luke Ahmed, and every member here.

I started preparing seriously for the exam this year February. I studied on the average 4hrs everyday. It was difficult because of my full time busy work as IT Risk and Security Professional (Which I've been doing for 3 years now). I however took 10 days (prior to the exam) off duty to do an intense learning. During the 10 days, I studied 13-14 hrs everyday.


1) Shon Harris AIO 7th edition (Read this book almost everyday. It was my main course material. I solved all the practice questions in the book. Most of the chapters more the once. Thanks to the author and the reviewers of this great book. I also went through the chapter summary regularly)

2) I went through all the questions in the official ISC2 CISSP material. I didn't spend time on this book.

4) Sybex CISSP 2015 edition. I got this book very late so just went through all the practice questions

5)…/CISSPExa…/exam.php? I solved all the questions here and most of the chapters more than once.

6) I went through some mind maps from Luke Ahmed's notes and theory.

7) left with 2 extra materials. I forgot their names because they were not key to my study.

OTHER TIPS 1) I stopped learning 12-13 hrs prior to the exam. I took my mind off everything on CISSP. I didn't even want to try to remember anything during the 12 hrs so I could avoid going back to study.

2) I took along 2 drinks ( non alcoholic) to the center. I took 5 minutes break twice to take them.

3) I took my time to read and understand the questions before answering. This slowed me down a little but I was able to finish after 330 minutes. And used the remaining 30 minutes to review the flagged questions.

4) Some questions were difficult and some were easy. I was always looking for the best answers. My confidence was fluctuating but I prayed silently during the exam. This helps boost my confidence.

5) Questions spanned through every chapter so just study everything. I was surprised to meet some of things I learnt. Think like a manager (mostly) and a technical person. But always go for the best option that solves the challenge.



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