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How Saunak Cracked His CISSP Exam

I will try to keep it as crisp as possible!

My CISSP journey started 7yrs back when I bought Shon Harris book and kept is as it is after seeing the size.

In 2014 end I sat for CISSP with 2 months of preparation and failed. Got 655.

Was very near but too far. I thought my security knowledge will take me through but was wrong. THE EXAM IS NOT TOUGH, ITS TRICKY.

In 2016 end I planned again and was serious to make it this time. Planned for 4 months but due to some circumstances rescheduled it and total time I took was 5.5 months.

Steps 1. To make concept clear started with audio/video tutorials. Cybrary is the best as per my understanding and its free too Also used Shon Harris audio and youtube 2. Read Sybex book cover to cover 3. Eleventh hour book for revision, again cover to cover 4. Whenever got time, used to practice mock test, either sybex or cccure (paid) 5. Completed entire "CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests" before the exam. Took 3-4 days. Please do it. This is very good and I found it very very helpful for actual exam 6. And the Sunflower doc for revision

And one thing what I did was, while reading from Sybex, I used to form my questions (nothing written, just in mind) what exam can ask. Believe it or not, I got 7-10 questions what I formed.

And I spent max 3hrs in weekdays and entire weekends for CISSP study.

And btw, am an average student and very impatient.

Thanks and Best of Knowledge for all the CISSP aspirants!


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