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How Nagaraj Cracked His CISSP Exam


I have completed CISSP certification on 28 th October 2021. Exam stopped exactly at 100 Questions. When I walk towards Printer , result is unbelievable for me. 6 months effort paid the result.

Here is my Study Plan:

When I start my study, I have set my target to complete the exam in 100th question. I have been following Study Notes and Theory since 2020. Took 6 months to complete this accomplishment.

For me CISSP means:

CISSP= [ Your Hard work + Luke Ahmed SNT + Wntz Question + Prabh Nair Video & Prashanth Memory Palace ]

I have referred below books:

Referred Practice Questions Details:

Took Study Notes and Theory subscription for 6 months. Decided to give my exam on last week of October’21. Gone through all the Videos in the SNT portal. Luke’s Questions simply marvelous, tougher than exam. Referred 2 times( 3 months before the exam and 1 month before exam). All 900 question make your concepts very strong.

Wentz Questions are equally important, He is true example for “Advance and Protect the Profession”. I have gone through all Wentz question and explanation in every question.

Luke question and Wentz questions are very important in preparation for exam.

Prabh Nair Videos value edition to our preparation. All videos shared by Prabh are Very Very important. Coffee with Prabh questions are Very Very important.

Prashanth Mohan Memory Palace helpful when exam dates are nearer.

Fadi Sodah’s CISSP_PROCESS_GUIDE_v2.1 is Very important.

Glimpse of my CISSP Wall:

Few Tips:

Start Following SNT, Wentz Facebook , Adam Gordon QOTD Linked in profile.

Don’t stop reading till your concept clear. Refer different books , videos, article.

Solve as much question possible. Try to attempt hard question.

Don’t focus too much on score when you attempt practice questions ,Check whether you have truly understand the context and concept of the question. I am not able to pass half of Luke questions module, But I have focused on why my understanding wrong by referring explanation.

Don’t waste your time in multiple boot camps.


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