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CISSP Process Guide Notes PDF

Thank you to Fadi aka "madunix", for this comprehensive set of CISSP notes! We appreciate the time and effort it has taken to keep this document continually updated.

"CISSP Process GuideV.21I'm Fadi Sodah (aka madunix), and I'm an IT Director. I've been in the IT realm for over twenty-six years and have held a variety of positions. I worked as a networks engineer, systems engineer and security engineer and I was among the Top 100 Hall of Fame HackTheBox.

I'm an active member of Experts-Exchange (EE) since 2004. I have been awarded the Most Valuable Expert (EE MVE) in 2019. You can find me on Experts-Exchange (EE), LinkedIn, Facebook, Telegram, Discord and Twitter @madunix. I hold certifications in many areas of the IT field such as networking, systems, audit, IoT, AI and security: PCCSA, PCNSA, PCNSE, CCNP, CCIP, CISA, CISSP, CFR, CSC, ACE, CIoTSP, CAIP, CISM, eJPT, CyberSafe, SCSC, KCSP, KCTP, OCIF, OADCS, ADCI and ICATE. To benefit others with the knowledge and experienced I gained during my study term, I have summarized the main underlying concepts in a general overview. I am hoping this consolidation of core concepts and processes would benefit those interested in becoming security experts. This document intends to be supplementary, not a replacement for officially published study guides and books.

I may have added multiple definitions of the same process or procedure due to the varying definitions from different resources such as the Official CBK, Sybex, NIST publications, SANS papers, or the AIO Shon Harris books. If you encounter any conflicts, please refer to the latest Official books CISSP CBK, AIO and Sybex. Being a CISSP candidate, you should fully understand CISSP concepts, methodologies and their implementations within the organization."

-Fadi Sodah

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