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How Mano Cracked His CISSP Exam

I have passed my CISSP on Feb 19th 2018 in first attempt. This was big day in my life.

Hard work never fails! I like to thank God, My Wife and my family for all support and encouragement.

The other person who is my inspiration and his voice made me not to go down anytime throughout my preparation through his videos...lots of thanks Luke Ahmed.

5 months tireless journey ends on Feb 19th 2018. I have read many success/Failure stories here. Now, my preparation become story and am glad to share my experience to all of you.

Key thoughts:

  • The key to pass this exam are 2 things: 1) how mad you want it, and 2) the force behind you (your wife/husband, your family, your sons/daughters, your friends, love, a better position, a rise in salary, a better world….the list can go on and on…you have to find yours)

  • Well there’s one thing in this world that has the ability to change our whole life in an instant. It’s action -Luke’s words


CISSP is difficult but doable. Yes we can do it. I got this thought when I was starting to prepare for my exam. Without doubt, I’m saying, it is achievable.

What I did

  1. Scheduled my exam; It was given enough power/fear to start.

  2. Decided to dedicate myself for study.

  3. No Excuses. I had excuses (Family, Work, Fun, Etc). But I tried to stay away from all.

  4. Consistent play ( No Matter what).

  5. Spent 5 months to complete it.

  6. (Weekdays) Daily 5 hours . 18 hours (Weekend) and Worked out 6000+ questions.

CISSP , CISSP, CISSP everything become CISSP:

Started to think, talk,walk everything became CISSP. Started with Sybex 7th edition book and completed top to bottom. Watching Cybrary Kelly’s videos to understand concepts and then joined Luke’s Study notes and theory Facebook group, which was really an excellent boost up for my preparation. Daily questions and discussions on the group was given different views and deep understanding of concepts.

3 months before exam

  • Started reading Sybex Official Study Guide.

  • Watching Cybrary Videos.

  • Joined Study notes and theory Facebook group and observed all the discussions.

1 months before exam…

  • SYBEX Study book Revision.

  • Attended Sybex chapter questions.

  • Sybex question bank.

  • Shon Harris question bank.

  • Totalsem 1600 questions.

  • Sybex online free question bank.

  • Mhprofessional online questions free.

It’s my home…! 😊 Sticky notes, I was going through these daily twice till my exam over. This method helped me to stick concepts in my mind with strong glue.

The day before Exam

  • Revised my hand written notes (3 times).

  • Made sure I had least 2 days to study without any disturbances.

  • Went to bed early (9 PM). But slept at 12 ☹. Woke up at 3 AM. Please don’t do this.

  • Relax… Relax… Relax….

Exam Day

  • Taken enough food before exam. This is very very important.

  • Reached Test center before an hour.

  • Test started after all necessary formalities.

  • Stayed cool and proceeded. We know how we are driving the test.

  • Exam was stopped at 100 questions. I prayed god lot ☺ to save me.

  • Finally ……………………………… got the result. Yeeeeeppppppppppppppppppp… CISSP successfully completed.

  • Pain Become Gain!!!!

Thank you for reading my story. You are the future CISSPs. You can do it. Believe and dedicate yourself! All the very best for your preparation!

Sources of study



  • ( Download question emulator).


  • Facebook group - Study notes and theory

  • disaster-recovery-flash-cards/

  • Dan's Notes (Only found on Study Notes and Theory member site) & Sun flower PDF notes.

  • Mind maps


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