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How Julien Cracked His CISSP Exam

I have been studying for 11 weeks, 3-4 hours per day maybe a little more during the week-end. This is definitively hard work, I gave up a lot of my free time for this cert, and having passed it, is a feeling I will never forget.

English is not my first language; however, I’ve been living in North America for about 10 years. It definitively helped me understand the materials and questions. But I still had some difficulties.

Books used: -Sybex 8th edition. Read cover to cover once. -AIO book only to reference myself on weak topics -11th hour book (3rd edition) I read this bad boy about 4 times, excellent ! -Sybex Official Practice Tests 2nd edition (only used it online, didn't touch the book)

I suggest that you start with Sybex 8th Edition. Sometimes it felt like the book was written in a different language, because I’ve never learn anything about Laws, Bell Lapadula, System High mode, etc… That’s where Luke’s website come into play. I will read one domain fully then watch all Luke’s videos on this domain.

Test engines used:

-Wiley Sybex online (1320 questions)

-Wiley Sybex Official Practice test (1334 questions)

-Kaplan (Transcender) 2018 CISSP (868 questions)

-Boson 2018 CISSP (750 questions, very close to real exam)

-Laurie Hocking CISSP Questions App (500 questions)

-CISSP Pocket prep App (600 questions)

-Studynotesandtheory (350 questions, extremely close to real exam, hard and tricky.)

I would suggest starting with Sybex questions as they seem easier than the others. I’ve used Kaplan before for other cert, and Kaplan definitively did not disappointed. They extensively test your knowledge on the CISSP. Boson was probably my favorite of all and I felt it was close to the exam itself.

Online videos: -Study notes and theory. By far the best videos/website out there. Luke is a funny guy and is very good at explaining things. : Kelly Handerhan. Free and pretty good. I didn't watch everything though.

-YT, you can find some decent videos. Skillset channel one of the best.


-Budding CISSP on Telegram, you will find the most wonderful people over there.


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