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How Gokulraj Cracked His CISSP Exam

Dear All,

This is Gokulraj with 6 six year of experience in Security domain.

I passed the exam provisionally on October 01,2017.

Thank you very much Luke Ahmed and everyone on this group for your guidance and support.

“If I can pass then any one can pass” - this is old saying. If you understand the concept then for sure you will pass.

Prepared for almost 5 months with average 5-6 hours /day. Practiced almost 8000 practice question and used the below materials.

You can find Do & Don’ts before the exam in :

What I wanted to share is “what are the materials available for free” and few tips.

Materials used:


1) Sybex official Study Guide - 7th Edition: ( read twice)

2) Shon harris 7th edition ( read twice)

3) Eric Connard third edition ( read once)

5) My own notes (~200 Pages)


1) Kelly’s Cybrary video ( both old and new) - free resource

2) Shon harris audio: you can download it from ( free resource)

Practice Questions:

1) CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests: 8*100 =800 Questions and 2 Practice exam 250*2 = 500 questions

2) : ~ 1000+Questions (Free resource)

3) : 2 Practice exam 250*2 = 500 questions (Free resource)

4) : 4 practice exam 250*4 = 1000 questions (If you have Sybex 7th edition , it will be asking for access code which u can get it from the book)

5) : each domain 10 question (Free resource)

6) (Free resource)

7) Simply learn 5 practice exam : 250*5 = 1250 questions

8) Shon harris 7th edition practice questions (~1350 questions)

9) AIO total tester and AIO 4th edition questions (Shon harris): ~1200 questions

Few Tips:

Read the question carefully and look for the KEYWORD what they are asking.

Risk management, BCP/DR, SDLC - Very important domain

Understand the concept, memorization won’t help you in any way.

Take sufficient break during exam, you can’t sit for 6 continuous hours - Time constraint is very important.

Have a good sleep before the exam.

All the very best to all of you , ping me on Facebook if you have any doubts.




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