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How Feroze Cracked His CISSP Exam

It all started in Dec 2015 when I got an opportunity to attend the CISSP review seminar. Normally, you should take review seminar after completing the studies but in my case, it was vice versa. From then on, I was like on and off the track. I had to take breaks due to other commitments. I started with CBK book and watching Shon Harris videos. I have to admit the CBK book writing is not straight forward as Sybex 7th edition. During this on off period, I managed to read the CBK book twice.

From July 2016, I became more serious and set a goal to take the exam before the end of 2016. I started again reading CBK book for the 3rd time and to clear my doubts I referred to online videos and articles related to the subject. Once I finished reading the CBK book for the third time then I started with practice exams. I started with CCCure and I was doing pretty well on that part.

One of my dear friend suggested me to join this wonderful group “Study Notes”. When I joined the group, I came across lots of questions from multiple sources like Mcgraw Hill, Sybex etc. To my surprise, I was not doing very well with the questions from Sybex source. Then I changed my focus towards Sybex. I started reading Sybex 7Th edition and found it to be very simple and straight forward. Parallel to reading Sybex I started doing practice tests from Mcgraw, Sybex and CCCure and my scores were getting much better. Finally, I ended by reading Eric Conrad 11th hour. Once I finished with Eric Conrad, I registered for the exam i.e. one week before.

One day prior to exam, I had last glance through Sybex material and did one complete 250-question practice test from Official ISC2. My score was satisfactory (84%) and that really boosted my confidence.

As far as exam is concerned, you have to really read the question very carefully, look for the key words, relate and try to connect to the options. Keeping cool during exam is key to success. Taking breaks is another important aspect. I took break after every 50 questions. Keep your energy levels high.

I would like to thank Luke Ahmed for creating this wonderful group and making me part of this group. I would also like to thank my dear friend Francis Fernandis for suggesting me to join this group and last not the least to all the group members for adding resources from various sources.

In the process of chasing CISSP, I have gained knowledge from various sources and one of the source is “CISSP Exam Preparation – Study Notes & Theory” group.

Good Luck to all the members looking forward to take the exam in near future.

References: Books: ISC2 CBK Book, Sybex 7th Edition, Eric Conrad 11th hour Videos: Shon Haris (In dept) & Kelly Handerhan Practice tests: Mcgraw, Sybex, Official ISC2, CCCure & Study group


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