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How David W. Cracked His CISSP Exam

CISSP x2 and a second chance at life.

So, my journey started, stopped, and started again. I took and passed the CISSP back in 2009 after attending a boot camp in Maryland, USA. Back then it was the marathon, multiple #2 pencils, and waiting two weeks (or more) for the results – all hoping you didn’t “color” outside the little bubble when you were frantically answering mind numbing questions.

Unfortunately, I let my first CISSP lapse – largely due to a dispute with the company I was employed with at the time.

A little over four years ago, I was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer. I went through several lifesaving surgeries, chemotherapy, and developed blood clots in my lungs and behind my liver. Needless to say, I have been given a second chance in life and am trying to make the best of it every day! Six months ago, I made up my mind to again pursue the CISSP.

I signed up for three months of Luke’s incredible “member’s only content” and proceeded to crack the online books. I went through the “member’s only” content, creating my “to study” list and then jumped over to Mike Chapple’s video series on LinkedIn Learning. While both were good, I preferred Luke’s method of explaining the hard concepts. His videos are like the CISSP chemotherapy fighting my “I don’t get this concept” learning

cells. I sat the exam the 15th of March 2022. I ended up doing 107 questions in a hour and a half before I finally got to smell the laser jet toner as it warmed and printed out that “Congratulations” message once again.

This time around, I plan on NOT letting this one lapse. Life is too short!


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