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How Alex Cracked His CISSP Exam

As I have Published yesterday I have passed the CISSP exam.

I took the rest of the day and night to rest and finally to be 100 % with my wife and daughter.

Now as I have promised Luke Ahmed I want to share my experience with you so maybe it will come in handy to those of you seeking the certification. Starting with some general information 1. First of all, This Group is wonderful – if you are a member you move forward by at least 25 %. All people here are inspiring and how can I go without a big Thank You To Luke Ahmed for eating sleeping and living the CISSP group and material. 2. It was many times that the test is management focused and not technical- After siting the exam I can tell you it is 50-50. I did have question that purely technical on Encryption and networking. 3. A lot of Focus was given on SDLC and Risk management 4. It is a hard exam. The hardest aspect for me was that English is not my native language. So, there were words I just have no Idea what they mean. The secret is to read the question several times, then break it and trying to understand the context. 5. If you struggle on a question try to eliminate the wrong answers first, then you will have to choose from only the 2 possible answers. 6. Eat well and sleep well before the exam. 7. Come to the Exam center at least 1 Hour before it starts. 8. There is a process of enrollment that might take some time as there are other test takers (other examinations like GMAT and TOEFEL). The process includes taking your Biometrics and verifying your Identity by presenting 2 Identifications that One of them must be signed with you signature. 9. Take breaks if possible. I took 1 for 10 minutes to relax. It really helps.

Now to the process of studying I have started my studying 4 months before taking the exam. 1. I have not killed my self during the study process! But this is not a recommendation – I have field experience that I have relied on during studying, so I permitted myself not to study 5 hours per day. 2. I have a 2-year daughter which I refused to NOT spending time with. I did all my routine chores at the house and full time job as a Risk manager and security Architect. 3. I found 1-2 hours during the work day to study (not always). 4. I have studied for 2-3 hours each day after putting my daughter to sleep. 5. I have continued meeting with friends, dates with my wife and playing with my kid as usual. This I believe kept me sane. Study Material I have used 1. My Primary Book o reading was Eric Conrad’s CISSP® Study Guide, 3rd Edition 2. I have referenced to the official CBK and Shon Harries AIO 3. Last week prior the Exam I have read the 11th Hour CISSP by Eric Conrad. 4. CISSP Complete Video Course by Sari Greene – If you have a Safari Subscription you can take it there. I found it great in depth videos 5. Cybrary CISSP videos by the wonderful Kelly Handerhan – great just great 6. A lot of Googling for concepts on Crypto and Risk Management and SDLC 7. Practice Question!!!!! It will help you messure your knowledge use all resources you can have. I have used the questions in all the mentioned Groups. Also Used Boson CISSP questions and Pocket prep. 8. This Wonderful Group was a great resource and Luke’s material on his web site.


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