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How Ajesh Cracked His CISSP Exam

CISSP Preparation & Execution

Dears, Sorry for late submission of my CISSP preparation details and execution steps as I was busy with certain personal and professional commitments after the exam .

Disclaimer: – Since everyone has their own method of study, my approach may not be practical for certain CISSP aspirants.

Study methodology: – I started dreaming to become a CISSP from 2014 and bought Shon Harris AOI. As usual, due to lots of personal and professional commitments kept the book aside for next couple of months and started reading (only reading) few pages daily and able to complete it by around 13-15 months since I was not serious. Again I have stopped preparation due to certain family commitments, however I have decided again and resumed studies. I have covered CISSP Study Guide, Third Edition by Eric Conrad and later booked exam for 27th January 2017 on 26th November 2016 and created a 60 days study plan as follows and followed the same, Cover 8 domains and 20 review questions using CISSP Sybex 7th edition – 40 days Take a mock test which is available in CISSP Sybex 7th edition – 2 days Complete CISSP Official (ISC) 2 Practice Tests (800 questions) – 10 days Revision of written notes prepared by myself and summary of each chapter – 2 days Mock exam from official practice test- 1 day Complete 11 hour by Eric Conrad – 2 days Final mock exam- 1 day Touch up weak areas – 1 day Finally, Exam 

Tips: – 1) Please do not memorize anything, understand the concepts the implementation aspects. 2) Note down new or unknown concepts and understand it in detail(for me eg: IDaaS, Fuzzing etc). 3) Practice a full stretch 6 hour mock exam according to your exam scheduled time. 4) In exam hall, be optimistic and faithful about your capabilities and trust in your hard work, you will clear the exam.

Resources: – 1) Shon Harris AOI 6th Edition – Please use if you have sufficient time, else only use it for reference 2) CISSP Study Guide, Third Edition by Eric Conrad 3) CISSP Sybex 7th edition 4) CISSP Official (ISC) 2 Practice Tests 5) CISSP 11 hour by Eric Conrad

Regards, Ajesh John


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