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How Ahmed Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hello Everyone,

I Passed CISSP exam provisionally on 11 February 2018. “ CISSP Journey is only 2 months “.

My journey to information security starts from 2011 , when I join IT Audit Team , and performing a lot of Internal information security audits. In 2015 I got my first certificate in Information Security ( ISO 27001 LA ). In 2016 I got CISA “ Certified Information System Auditor “ with top 10 % worldwide . In 2017 and because of a lot of work I just start my journey in CISSP in 12/2017.

My Journey is as follow: Before starting I was very hesitate and confused between start with CISM or CISSP , from my heart I was biased to CISM , as I tried ISACA exams after CISA and got familiar with it , and very afraid from CISSP as I know it is very difficult than CISM and study is very depth. After many discussions with my friends , specially MADUNIX , AHMED AKL I decide to take the challenge and go for CISSP. In 12/2017 I start my journey by reading Sybex book , and I found that domain 1 , 2 is so easy as my background in audit , risk , and controls, this made me very encouraged in two weeks.

Then I go for Domain 3 and 4 and I get shocked because a lot of information , it is not difficult but too many , So I got a little depressed , but decided to continue. I Left this Domains 3&4 , and start again with Domains 5 , and it is OK , then Domain 6 and also it is OK Then go for Domain 7 , and get the second shock , so I left this domain , and continue with domain 8 , and thanks good it is OK. So , after one month I already finished Domains 1,2,5,6,8 just reading only from Sybex book , and not practicing any questions at all .

Challenge has become very difficult after I heard from many friends that CISSP take at least 6 months for studying , so I expected that I study very quickly and didn’t understand the concept “ this is only expectation “ , and from my mind I know very well that I understand the concepts very well, so I left this on my back and continue studding with the difficult domains for me 3,4,&7.

Start another plan to dedicate more time for studying , and this is the secret (Dedicate resource) , start studying 5 hours daily with very concentrate after finishing my work , and in weekend 8 hours for Friday.

Saturday is the day of practicing questions “ only practicing “ , about 10 hours for practicing from Sybex, Shon Harris , and refresh my mind with Sunflower.

After one week from January 2018 I decide to take the exam to be on 03/2018. Second Week in January 2018 , after studying with the same concept and plan , I found that I finish Domain 3&4 , and only Domain 7 is the residual.

I take the step and register for exam on 11/2/2018 ☺☺

After registering the exam , I be more tension , and very nervous , but I study a lot and a lot , and thanks god I finished my studying journey in 28/1/2018.

So My Journey is from 3/12/2017 till 28/1/2018 about two months (just dedicate resource) and everyone will get it.

The last two weeks before exam , I take a vacation from my work and studying hours became 10 hours per day , practicing questions ( a lot of questions ) , review Sunflower reading some topics reading NIST reading ISO Standards. Because I was very afraid from fail I didn’t notifying any one from my friends about the date of exam , on 08/02/2018 ( my birthday ) , I told my friends that I will take the CISSP exam in 11/02 and ask them to wish me luck .

The day before exam I start reading and mapping the CISSP process that I have learned to the one stated in the MADUNIX process guide.

Exam Day Waked up early , with very tension , and afraid Going to Exam Centre before the time of exam with 2 hours. Go for exam and thanks GOD after 140 difficult questions , I passed the exam

Finally , I wish everyone to pass the exam

The CISSP is not very difficult if you concentrate with it and dedicate your resources well , and always but on your mind , that you will get it and you will get it

The study materials for the CISSP exam include: Madunix study guide. Sybex 7th Edition Shon Harris AIO 7th Edition Shon Harris Total Tester Sunflower tips

I would like to thank MADUNIX again for introducing me to the Study notes and Theory facebook group .

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