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Study Notes and Theory
A CISSP Study Guide

One step closer to your CISSP certification.

Join over 3,000+ CISSPs who have used our content to pass their CISSP exam, achieve career highs, and become respected security professionals in the industry.

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I've been grinding on my CISSP course for over 3,000 nights.

I've dedicated 8 years of my life to helping others become CISSP.  I'll give you my heart, I just ask for you immense hard work, dedication, consistency and focus in return. 

Google my name, and you'll see that I only provide a high-quality and beautiful CISSP course curriculum for this elite gold-standard cybersecurity exam that carries with it the influence to unlock career opportunities, skyrocketing salaries, and a promising future in this industry. 

My course has helped pass over 3,000 CISSPs.  That's almost 2% of the total CISSPs worldwide.  It's one of the most difficult exams on the planet, otherwise everyone would be a CISSP.

In this journey, exchanged various e-mails with Luke Ahmed who is a legend in this field, and he always quickly responded and consistently encouraged me.
If you have never heard of my CISSP course, you just have to try it.  Try it like you try vegan food.  Try it like new clothes, new shoes, like a color you never wore.  
Explanations of TOC / TOU, SAML, SPML, XACML, OpenID, SCADA, IOT Security were amazing. Luke's explanation with practical examples are extremely well.

Luke Ahmed

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Course Contents
60 Hours of Video!
900 Practice Questions!
PDF Notes, Flashcards, Telegram

Specialized CISSP videos focused on core concepts to help build your confidence.

Complex, high-level, and difficult

CISSP practice questions that always come with a full explanation

Downloadable PDF notes, 1,500 flashcards, and lifetime access to our private CISSP Telegram group

New Content Updates

Videos, questions, flashcards are

updated frequently.  New content added: 

September 1, 2023 - Zero Trust Video

Luke Ahmed, CISSP Instructor

8 years direct security experience. Author of "How To Think Like A Manager for the CISSP Exam"

Exam Strategies

CISSP mindset, think like a manager,

cross-domain correlation techniques, motivation and encouragement

Frequently Asked Questions

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