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How Zaid Cracked His CISSP Exam

I started my journey in CISSP in DEC 2017 by start reading for two to three hours of official ISC2 CBK CISSP Study guide five days a week.

It took me seven months to finish the book then I start by solving Sybex practice questions. After that I took the CISSP exam for the first time in DEC 2018 and failed .

After two weeks of resting, I started again by reading the CISSP CBK and writing my notes to read them in the next day,

Solving Shon Harris practice questions and Sybex practice questions to get back and read my weakest subject in CBK book .

After finishing the practice questions twice I subscribed on study notes and ,solving practice questions form boson exam and CISSP mobile pocket prep app then register my CISSP exam month and half ahead.

A week before the exam I started to get 80% and more in all practice questions except in study notes and theory practice question which was very hard and I was failing but it gives me a good knowledge with Luke’s explanation.

In my second attempt it took the whole 150 questions to pass.

It was very tricky and challenging exam which needs a high level of technical management skills to pass.

In my opinion the only way to pass CISSP is by reading, practicing, thinking like a manager and to get to know all CISSP domains and subjects very well.


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