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How Zahir Cracked His CISSP Exam

After several number of success stories in this group, luckily it is now my turn to announce my PASS in the exam. First of all, I am very proud to be the second Palestinian who has CISSP according to ISC2 statistics. It was a rainy night in 2016 when I was reading a blogger about security, which listed CISSP as one of the highest certificate in information security. At that moment, I did a small search on CISSP and took that great decision.

I made also a search on the Facebook and found this awesome group. It was not as large as it is now, but it was containing tremendous of useful information. I started participating in the group and posting questions (I still clearly remember my first posted question).

My journey was not easy. In the first month, I almost gave up since I found it very difficult to read all the 8 domains. But when I studied Eric Conard book “Eleventh Hour CISSP Study Guide”. I found it very simple and I enjoyed reading it so I read it thoroughly. After that, I studied the other books (Sybex, shon harries and CBK) along with solving review questions.

Although my study was only 1-2 hours a day, I was committed to that. The first round of my study took 6 months and the second was about 4 months. Soon after, I began solving available free practice tests and I posted many questions in the group (many of the them were self-made).

Despite I was almost ready for the exam months ago; I had that fear of failure. But finally I did it and I made that brave decision and scheduled my exam in December 11, 2017.

In the exam day, I went to the center with my trust in God since I did my best. During the exam, I spent six hours with only two breaks, 2 minutes for each. When the time was over, the administrator asked me: What do you think your result is going to be? I replied confidently: “I PASS ed Inshallah”, he smiled and said: “Congratulations”.

What I can advise who doesn’t attend the exam yet: 1. Cover all the material and study all the 8 domains equally. 2. Understand the concepts and process and don’t memorize. 3. Don’t depend on one resource only. 4. Don’t go deep technical in any subject. 5. Solve questions as you can. 6. Remember that with hardworking, dedication and commitment you will PASS

Thanks for my wife with her patience and unlimited support in this journey and thanks for my small kids as they sent their prayers for my pass.

Thanks for Luke Ahmed, the hero behind all these success stories; He is doing a great job!

Thank you all and my best wishes.


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