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How Syed Cracked His CISSP Exam


(Commitment, Inspiration, Sacrifice, Smartness, Perseverance)

My Preparation Plan - Attitude towards CISSP

- Started off with Shon Harris AIO – 8th edition. Studied cover to cover in solid 2 months. It built up the in-depth concepts. Did the AIO 1600 Qs domain wise while studying the AIO book. Started relating all my 8+ years of experience in different domains to the study material. Created a mind-map in the brain. Studied 3 hours a day and played 10 hours a week.

- Starting 3rd month, took Sybex official study guide as a text -book. Read cover to cover and had its 1400 Qs domain wise. Maintained a chart of week points and reworked on them while referring to Shon Harris AIO book for further clarification. I kept Shon as my encyclopedia and a reference book – not the official text-book. Sybex was my main text book. Watched Kelly’s videos. This carried over to the end of 3rd month. Studied 4 hours a day and played 8 hours a week

- Start of 4th month, discontinued all social activities – I mean all! Set the time-limited targets to achieve certain things. Studied Sybex again.

– 2 chapters a day. Carried on with solving questions from different banks mentioned above. Expanded the week point chart and reworked on week areas. Consulted CBK official guide for standard terminologies. Started making my own notes and writing concepts in my own language. Sticking to one book helped me prevent confusion. Studied 5 hours a day and played 4 hours a week

- In the last month (6th), studied Sybex 2 times, reworked on hand-picked areas of interest. Reworked on Domain-1, 2, 6 & 7 considering they are most important to me. Did all question banks again including Boson to check the strength of my concepts – I hit 90% above in all.

-Joined Luke’s SNT telegram group which helped a great deal in sharpening the in-depth concepts like a knife! By interacting with many people striving to get CISSP. Watched Luke’s SNT videos. Studied 6 – 10 hours a day and walked everyday

- Last 10 days! Just believed in myself and my 8+ years of experience in all domains inclusively. Trusted myself more than any question bank and exam engines, built-up my own thought process. Argued with people to say, “No that’s not the right answer! CISSP answer will be xyz”. This attitude put me in confident position. Last 3 days, studied Eric Conrad’s 11th hour, SNT CISSP Summary 2.0 and Process guide. Studied like anything!!

- Exam day! No studies, had sumptuous breakfast, spent time with family, laughed too much. Hit the exam centre, no fear, self-belief, prayers, never doubted myself a single moment, time-managed the exam very well. Was confident that I would make it and it did – 100Qs!


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