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How Sudhakara Cracked His CISSP Exam

Thanks to all group members and Luke Ahmed.

I am not good in English, please excuse for grammar and spelling mistakes.

My study plan as follow (Daily 6 to 7 hours at home and in office whenever I have time)

1. Cybery Videos.

2. Started with CISSP AIO(Shon) read every concept if don’t understand look for YouTube videos.

3. Did chapter questions after end of every chapter.

4. Stared Sybex and started to write notes for each topic even I am clear about the concept.

5. Did chapter questions after completion of the each chapter.

6. Started following this CISSP WhatsApp group and this facebook group. I am not Facebook fan so I just login just to view success stories from here.

7. Sybex Question bank.

a. Started to answer each domain questions

b. Here I am more interested in the 4 answers. If any of the option I am not sure, I will note down and read it about the concept. I am specifying again “I am more interested in the options instead of question”.

8. Read very little from CISSP CBK

9. I am planning to attempt exam in End of the Feb, but my mentality is like tomorrow world is going to end. On Feb 2 I feel what if the world going to end next? Then I immediately book exam for Feb 7(It’s very difficult to book exam slot here where I reside)

10. Practiced about 3000 questions.

11. Three more days for exam (Its Feb 4), Started to skim CISSP Study Guide (Eric) (Feb 4 and 5).

12. One day more (It’s Feb 6), Started to skim 11th hour.

13. Evening before exam watch Cybery videos, topics that I am in week

14. Its Exam day. Exam at 11AM, didn’t touch any study material. Reached exam center at 10.15 and started at 10.40.

15. Stated exam and try to answer all the questions but flag which is in doubt but try to select most appropriate answer.

16. By the time completing 250 questions its 5 hours and 40 min.(BTW, I am weak in English so need to read every questions at last two times to understand)

17. 3 questions was unanswered I took 10 min for it and end the exam without reviewing flagged questions. Btw I have choose most appropriate answer even I flag that’s help me at the end.

18. Come out from exam room and asked the lady for result. It’s WOW… Congratulations

Recommended material

1. Shon for detailed study or Sybex for exam.

2. Sybex Question bank is the most nearest to the exam.

3. Don’t go too technical. It’s not a technical exam make sure you understand all topics.


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