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How Seep Cracked Her CISSP Exam!

I successfully passed the CISSP Exam. Thanks to God, my husband, family, Telegram group Budding CISSP and Luke Ahmed, and every member here.

I started preparing seriously for the exam in March,2017 and completed my exam on 19th June,2017.

I studied daily around 3-4 hours and 6 hours on weekends.

I was a silent viewer in the Study notes and Theory Facebook.

Luke Ahmed, thank you for all the help and it was the first group that I joined once the thought of CISSP came to my mind.

Then I joined the Telegram Group called Buddy CISSP and never missed a question shared on the group.

Because of many people here I could learn many things and they helped me in clearing a lot of concepts.

Thank you, Ahmed, Khatib for creating this group and amazing members, my Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp addiction was given to group.

Now I really miss the group.

A special thanks to Ajit Pal Singh and Ahmed Khatib who helped me a lot with all guidance and motivation…!!


  1. ISC2 Official Study Guide- Sybex: I loved this book and used it as a main reference and read it 3-4 times.

  2. Sybex- Official practice tests: It has amazing questions and they give you a feel of the exam.

  3. AIO 7th edition- Shon Harris: At first, I tried to read this book but it was too huge so I read all the summaries and SDLC.

  4. AIO total tester: Very difficult question bank but once you know the concepts it is easier to grasp.

  5. CISSP CBK study guide: Very dry book but did all the summaries and the questions of the same.

  6. 11th Hour guide-Eric Conrad: Easy book to revise all the concepts

  7. Sunflower summary book: Excellent book must read before exam

  8. Cybrary – Kelly’s video: I saw all her videos, she gives amazing shortcuts to revise things. Still I remember them J

  9. Sari Greene videos: Must watch as she explains many concepts and exam questions very well

  10. Shon Harris MP3: - Makes you memorize many concepts.


  • There is no other exam like this, it’s a monster.

  • But if you have rested well studied well you will be able to clear it even though you feel you will not clear.

  • I stopped studying 15hours before exam and wanted to rest, rest before exam it is very much needed.

  • Although I was very tense and couldn’t sleep but still made sure to be on bed and not think.

  • I reached on time for the exam and after checking I completed NDA first, as I had heard it is most important.

  • Initially I had easy questions so gained a bit confidence but still could complete only 100 questions in 1.5hour.

  • I took break and then I completed all questions in 4 hours.

  • Then I had lunch and I made sure to wash my face in every break as I felt it gave me energy after sitting so much in front of computer.

  • I had flagged 25-30 questions but I started reviewing all answers, I changed approx. 10 answers and submitted exam 3min before time.

  • Finally print came and it said Congratulations, I was not able to feel the same that I have cracked it. I was vibrating but amazing feeling.

Study Well Have confidence we all can do it.

All the very best


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