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How Satish Cracked His CISSP Exam

I successfully passed the CISSP Exam Monday 08/18/2017. Thanks to God, my caring kids and persistent wife, and my boss our Telegram group Budding CISSP and SNT group.

I started my Journey in Feb-2017 and joined Budding CISSP Telegram Group in March after few day of joining the group I was able to understood what should I need to cover at what level as this group help me to first standardize the right material that is need to know for this exam . I changed my work shift to 2PM to 9 PM this way I was able to continue my study in morning hours after going my kids to school. And quiz practice in Telegram group in night hours after returning from office.

Thanks to all superb members Madunix , Yaniv , Dawood, Ezra , Adil ,Shalini , Ahmed (Alaska ), Kiranz, Vaibhav , Shrikant , KIM , MI , and (Prashant – very special person for me who helped me to retain and understand many concept till I get them) .

I continue this till May 2017 and done SYBEX and notes and have taken one break for 10 day family vacation to long road drive during the summer vacation as this was planned earlier and I don’t want to postpone and lose family expectation.

Though was not aware that what condition will occur after this break . After return I resumed again from June 5 but could not able to get the same rhythm once again. I struggled few days again and got the jump once again thank you Madunix for motivating all the time about consistency importance on CISSP preparation, I revised everything with my notes and sybex read again cover to cover and I feel confidence while revision on sybex book as able to recall many topics and able to retain during the revision phase .

And started anticipating that I should go for exam end of Year 2017 or before year end objective, but suddenly something happened and turned me to sit in exam as soon as possible after watching the below Video somehow I related this to my CISSP ( thank you Prashant for sharing this ).

What I used in Preparation Study Material: 1. Sybex book 7 th Edition : cover to cover I done the read with my notes 2 times

2. Shon AIO : I done SDLC / BCP and network Domain from this book

3. Eric Concord 11 th Hour : to revise the content

5. Madunix Attack document

6. Random YouTube video on the topic that I was not able to understand

7. Random Note by members in TG group

8. Shon MP3

9. Kelly Video

10. Saree Green Video

11. David Miller Video

Quiz practice: 1. SYBEX Quiz all Chapter

2. Sybex official Android App

3. SYbex Online willy quiz portal

4. Sybex online 4 exam 250 Quiz

5. Total Tester 4 th , 6 th , 7 th Edition

6. Pocket Prep application

7. Eric concord 500 Question

8. MH Professional Quiz

9. Quizlet Flash card and free question

10. Skill set free question

11. Exam Cram Question

12. Random TG group questions Daily

MY experience and TIPS 1. Clear all your concern area topics and concept take help from all available resource everyone is ready to help. Google is best friend.

2. Respect every question in exam and study to read twice or thrice there will enough time 6 hours is more than sufficient.

EXAM DAY: 1. Reached early to avoid traffic and parked my vehicle

2. Done the registration and scan

3. The center authority started and was on NDA and wanted to finish ASAP as I have read it clearly 4-5 before exam day on isc2 portal.

4. Exam Started

5. Uncomfortable on initial 10 minute and was confident after 10 -12 minute I done only 37 question in first 1 hour, and finish the exam in 5:46 total time, flagged 2 question and reviewed them but not changed my answer and clicked the Final click.

Oh no! There were no printout due to some technical error asked the person and center that what is the result Pass or fail? And they tried to reproduce the printout but it’s not working and possible center person told to me that I will get mail.

Spend 24 hours very differently everyone is asking the result at home my kids wife and I have no answer I got the email from ISc2 and also able to see the status = pass in Pearson Vue. The email made happy everyone at home and me .

I wish all CISSP aspirants the best of luck.


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