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How Sangeeta Cracked Her CISSP Exam!

Well the journey to information security starts way back in 2007 when I accidentally landed in information security performing Internal Infosec audits. Prior to that I was working in application development and maintenance in mainframes, which btw I should say is very secure because of it being a closed kind of system. There has been no looking back since then.

The reason I fell in love with Information security is because it is constantly evolving, it is vast and there is so much to learn always and the Shon Harris CISSP 4th edition book which I purchased in 2008 has been the inspiration to stay in Infosec field since then.

Now, coming back to seriously pursuing CISSP , that happened on

November 5th 2017 after I decided to book the exam date for CISSP

on Feb 2nd 2018 . This happened after a detailed chat with Tariq Wani , who suggested to join the SNT group and also shared the best practices for attempting CISSP.

I started studying CISSP domain by domain initializing starting with Shon Harris (which has been my primary source) and then referring to Sybex study guide . I have studied for at least 6 to 7 hours rigorously during these past 2 months ( I was able to devote so much time per day since I was not working during this time) . I have done the practice tests after finishing studying of each domain. I have gone through Cybrary training videos in between to gain quick understanding of the concepts.

I would like to thank Tariq for introducing me to the Study notes and Theory facebook group and sharing with me CISSP tips . I have been closely following the practice questions and the best practices and guidance provided in the SNT group. Thanks to Luke, he is the master key to the successful functioning of the SNT group.

Thanks to my Mum who has been provided constant supply of nutritious food “on demand”.

The exam question style is very close to the Shon Harris practice tests style. You will have questions which will thoroughly test your understanding of the concepts. During the exam, one tip I would suggest is to understand the real intent of the question and then think like a manager and answer the question. Read the questions twice before attempting to finalize the ans.

Last bust not the least, please understand that CISSP certification is a journey requiring lot of focused study , lot of practice , determination and perseverance.

The study materials for the CISSP exam include:

Madunix study guide – one day before exam Shon Harris AIO 7th edition Shon Harris Total tester practice tests Cissp 7th edition official study guide Cybrary videos by Kelly Handerhan practice tests Mhprofessional practice tests


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