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How Sachinkumar Cracked His CISSP Exam

I have started my journey for CISSP 5 years back but there are lots of up and down and lost a track. I have joined this group around 2017 and started again preparing of the exam. After 3 month I have changed the job and again lost the track but every time when I see someone post about their achievements, somehow it put some energy in me but I couldn’t dedicated time for it.

Finally I have scheduled my exam for September 9 in month of May and started reading again. This time I have another kind of energy which keep me up for the target.

I have started with AIO book ( always my favorite) and than purchased Sybex 8th edition. due to my previous efforts I have also 7th editions book for Sybex and AIO which I didn’t read. I went through Sybex only once and than again revision with AIO. By that time I have left only 2 weeks left so I stared listening different videos from YouTube , Udemy, Luke Ahmed - SNT and LinkedIn learning but I never able to complete any one of them.

Last week preparation: I have started working with exam engine , total tester , Sybex 2nd edition test book , infosec4T and Kaplan and Study Notes and Theory. I think I have practice approx. 3000 (thanks to SNT group and members who have provided guidance and discussion).

Last 2 Days : I have started reading again AIO instead of 11th hour ( I bought but never used) but not able to complete before my test 

On test day : it was scheduled for 5 PM , in the morning I have spent some time with my kids then one final Test from One of the exam Engine and started reading again because I was getting average 70-72% in all test engine so I was not confident.

Test center was 1:15 hours away from my home so started early reaches there by 4:15.

During driving I was listening some videos from domain 6.

I was to nervous and having little confidence started my exam by 5:00

I completed 100 questions in 2 hours

My exam didn’t stop at 100!  not at 110!🤯

I was getting more nervous . Loose hope but still continues till last question which was 20 minutes before the time.

I was sure that I didn’t get the level so I picked my belongings and started walking towards desk to get the print. Alas, I couldn’t believe my self that I got the paper with “

Congratulations “ that’s the time I got some emotional.

I would like to special thanks to @Luke Ahmed

Your explanation on the topic coverage and the depth knowledge in subject really helps. Specially the cross domain videos. However I was only able to get 40 to max 63 in the Luke’s exam question 

Thanks  to all SNT members for your support and Best Luck for those who are preparing.


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