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How Ramesh Cracked His CISSP Exam

Study Material: Official (ISC) Study Guide – Sybex 7th Edition(Primary) All in One CISSP – 7th Edition (Reference) Eric Conrad 11th Hour

Practice Papers: Question at the end of each chapter CISSP Official (ISC)2 Practice Tests CISSP Practice Exams, Fourth Edition

Videos: Shon Harris Cybrary – Kellly Henderhan

Study Plan: Gone through Sybex twice cover to cover and watched the video simultaneously from Cybrary and Shon Harris. After completing this, I have started with practice question for each domain. Marking every question that I did not understood and every option that seems unfamiliar. Now digging more about wrong answer, unfamiliar concept and understanding more about that concept. Look for explanation of every question if its wrong or right. While doing the question I tried to complete minimum 50 question in 1 hour. I took total 4 month for preparation.

Exam Strategy: I have planned to take test in 2 rounds, Round 1 for question that is short and take less time to answer(Less Reading) and flag the one which are lengthy and complete them in round 2. I took 4 hour and 30 min to complete my exam and then review it. Changed around 10 flagged question.

Exam Tip: Read the question twice and look for key word in the question. Be confident with your answer, the option provided will trick you but you need to apply the concept.

Get enough rest and do not stress, so that you are relaxed and confident when you walk in.


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