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How Rahul Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hi All, I have cleared my CISSP recently and here is my preparation material & my goal is to keep it as simple & concise as possible.

Books Referred ———————– a)Sybex Guide by James Stewart 7th edition. Read it & made my own notes. b)Eric Conrad Cissp Study guide third edition<—Tip is to read this book after the sybex guide as it provides a high level summary. c)Kelly Handerhan Free videos on CISSP<— I wont say that her videos helped immensely but there are few tips every now & then in her videos which are great for the exam. d)Official CISSP CBK book 4th edition<—-I just read this like an overview,not everything only main highlights in 3 days.

Questions ————– I did 2,500 questions from cccure but I think cccure goes way into too many technical details.(Paid Site). 1000 questions from Transcender,these were pretty good but again lots of out of the syballus questions I never heard of but did those anywayz.(Paid Site). 1,500 questions from Sybex official guide which you can avail off online after getting the book. Questions at the end of each chapter of Eric Conrad 3rd edition. Questions at the end of each chapter of Official CISSP CBK. Mcgraw Hill 1000 questions which are free.

Humble Tips —————————————- 1)Best Book I found was Sybex guide 7th edition along with Eric conrad 3rd edition makes excellent reading material. Pls read sybex guide first. 2)Also to mention I DID NOT read Shon harris CISSP book to clear the exam. This is to highlight as most of the forums mention it like a mandatory read to clear the exam which maybe useful but I did not refer it. 3)Pls create your OWN NOTES prior to taking the exam for concepts which are important which make it an easier read before the exam & serves as a summary as the study material is so vast. 4)This is just an exam not a battle so my fellow future CISSP’s pls keep your nerves calm during the exam,will help you to think more clearly & keep your mind alert. 5)Best questions I would recommend are Mcgraw Hill,Sybex questions,Eric Conrad & Official CISSP CBK. These are good sources like a must go through. 6)I did about 6,000 questions but these do not simulate the actual exam questions but they definitely train & develop your mind in attempting the multiple choice questions. 7)While flashcards do work for many I hardly concentrated on them. 8)Pls dont be let down if you dont clear on the 1st attempt. I cleared it on the 2nd attempt after concentrating on my weak areas.

Best of Luck To All!!


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