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How Puneet Cracked His CISSP Exam

!!OM Namah Shivay!!

First Big Thanks to my wife & my family for their continuous support.Honestly I never given importance in studying before in life.

Thank You to my Telegram group friends available anytime for help, few I remember right now Ezra, Vaibhav, Joyti, Chirag, Ahmed Bhai, Hero Talentino, Muscle Memory, Konstantin, Nirmala, Sandhya, Monika & many other silent friends, without brainstorming with you guys & continuous guidance on group this was not possible.

Luke SNT FB Group & Telegram group is simply Awesome.

First Attempt: Read only Sybex Thrice>>Booked the exam >> Done Practice ques 5500 Questions with 88% in mock tests>>>

Reviewed Sunflower Notes & attempted for Exam on wife birthday in Dec 2017 & Failed 652/1000 & still celebrated :-). Fortunately ISC2 gave me re-chance to give exam again, as there was multiple long Blackouts in b/w 6 hours Exam.

Started few things now: Started Participating on Telegram Group (Budding CISSP).

Tried to give ans based on concept without reading the options & then rereading of question & options.

Asking 2 questions why & what benefit? as per previous theme of


Started Reading Process Guide to remember the bullet points & relate that to book detailed explanations.

Compare the understanding on important topics from Sybex/AIO/Official Guide & freeze with Official guide.

Done Approx 3000 Questions more this time.

Frequently Rereading Back Summary & Bullet Points of Primary Book Sybex to remember the concept.

Back of book questions AIO/CBK/Sybex.

Sybex Reading once again word by word.

Watched/Listen Kelly videos/Mp3s more than 10 times approx for better understanding.(Cryptography is mindblowing).

Watched Saari Green Videos: very Good indeed.

Listen Shon Mp3s & selected youtube skillset videos.

Attempted Questions on SNT Member's Portal & SNT videos. Level is Hard but good for actual exam.

Final 7 days Simple Plan:

Back Chapters Summary & sybex Bullet Points.

Revising Handwritten Notes.

Attempted new questions, I have never attempted before, Given 2-3

Mock tests to meet target of 150 questions in 120 mins.

Actual Exam : Finished with 100 Questions with remaining time of 60 mins.

Exam Toughness seems to me: Medium level.

As expected & known, all questions were new which I never attempted before & indirect.

Recommendations:- 1) Book the exam (it works like spark in a dynamite)

2) Find a quiet place for study.

3) Join Telegram Group & most imp. Start Participating.

4) Control your Hand clicks: Read questions thrice with options is a catch.

5) Read reviews word by word of Sr. candidates who already passed the exam. (Source SNT Website)

6) Official Guide Back questions gives the look & feel of real exam.

7) Sybex Offical Tests questions are simple & straight Forward, it is suggested to do these Questions in early stages of Preparation on Practice & go for the Harder level later.


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