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How Phil Cracked His CISSP Exam

Thanks to all well-wishers!! So,here is my review for my exam prep.: First attempt: Failed with 686 points.

Weakest domains: (Asset Security, Software Engineering, Security & Risk Mgmt.) Resources: Shons AIO, Total Tester and some other documents like this I read the entire Shon Harris book - but not side to side: ( My biggest failure was not doing enough less quizzes. Only 600-700 and because lack of time i can't repeat all stuff before the exam. Second attempt: - Watching Cybrary Videos from Kelly Handerhan - really good!

- Reading in Cybex my worstest chapter and also in AIO again.

- Making handwritten notes - I think handwritten is much better than on a computer. (a full paper notepad)

- I joined Luke Ahmed's Telegram Group and also do the test exams from - long and hard questions but very very useful! You learn a lot - Watching Videos in Youtube to the core exam topics (information flow, reference monitor, BCP/DRP, SPLM, SAML...) and important - do not memorize word by word - not really helpful for the exam. - I also bought the Cybex test exam book and the App for iOS. - Total Tester (AIO)

- All quizzes from! )

- Overall i have done approx 2600 questions

- 11th Hour CISSP- but it´s not so good. Safe money and read your own notes and also the sunflower documents in the last days. I think the best is Cybex + AIO for deeper information! And quiz, quiz, quiz :-) All the best to all future exam takers! You can do it!


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