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How Nahid Cracked His CISSP Exam

Alhamdulillah. I am Nahid Hasan aka Joyonta Roy Cracked CISSP in 1st attempt.

All Glory to Almighty, then credit goes to Luke Ahmed ( Founder of ).

Today I am provisionally CISSP only because of Luke Ahmed . I have taken the biggest risk for CISSP exam. I got inspired by him. His questions, logical explanation , way of elimination the incorrect answers with an excellent logic made me to become a fan of him. You are world best CISSP Mentor! May Allah bless you and your family.

<3 I owe this certification to you Sir <3

Another 2 special person whom I would like to extend my thanks to my university friend Ankur Sarker aka #madkhan ( admin of StudyNotesandTheory Telegram Group ) . Extend my thanks to Wala AbuDàñ and Showkat Ali bhai. You both helped me lot on various issues.

I Would also like to extend my thanks all the members of this group and the SNT Telegram Group.( Budding CISSP worked me as a appetizer for CISSP )

I would like to share some of my experiences through this incredible journey of achieving this milestone in my life:

I started this journey of CISSP just few days after passing the CISA exam on June 2017 by Sybex book. I studied 1 day after office hour and did not touch book for next few days. Actually the way I was trying to make it, was not happening.

In April 2018, I took decision to quit from my full time job to pursue CISSP and initially fixed the date to clear the exam by August/Sept. The biggest challenge it was for me. I started from the beginning with Sybex 7th Ed book. Completed the books within 10 days.

I really have put my heart, brain and soul into preparing for CISSP, had to sacrifice a lot to make it. Literally my connections with the rest of the world got cut off. I missed family and friends wedding party, Bday party, missed watching the World Cup football, our cricket game ... etc. I studied daily 12-15 hours ( actually except food,shower and sleep i

was always with CISSP)

In July 13, 2018, I got sick. Initially I didn't take it as a major issue. But for this I had to stayed in bed 60 more days. I had to take 45 days pain killer, muscle relaxation medicine from 3 separate doctors, I took physiotherapy , chiropractic treatment , but nothing was working. Later I had to push injection to my thoracic spine joint. Between this time I was not able to sit on the chair, I stopped study, got frustration due to heath condition. Between this time, I was only silent reader in Budding CISSP's Telegram group.

Due to huge pain killer medicine , SGPT of my blood reached to 176. After remove my pain , I couldn't sleep in night as last 45 days my sleep came because of muscle relaxation. I went to bed 11pm but sleep came on 4/5 am and again woke up automatically 7-8 am. I was running on evening so that my natural sleep came early ( at this time i listened Shon harris MP3)

I didn't stop myself from CISSP study. I not only fought with CISSP, I had to fight with my health too. I had to check my sgpt level after every 21 days for last 4 months.

From September, I started again and finally, the dream became true on 13 December 2018.

Got lot of hassle for voucher issue ( had to take voucher by sharing credit card info to isc2 by over phone, no option to direct payment through credit card from my country )

I stopped practicing Qs from 6-7 days before exam, I just revised Dan's Note (For Study Notes and Theory website members only)

***Here are the materials I have used *** Cover to cover ✔ Shon Harris AIO 7th Ed 2 times ✔ Sybex 7th & 8th Ed 2 times total ✔ CBK 1 times ✔ Eric Conrad 2 times ✔ CISSP process Guide 2 times Sunflower PDF 5 times ✔ Dan's Exam Cram Note - almost 20 times

✍✍✍ Dan's Note ( Luke membership PDF ) which is covered both Sybex and Shon harris by only 93 pages) , I revised almost 20 times of last 2 months. It pointed out my weak points in all domain and marked those topics in DAN's note then was to able to revise the full note within 1-2 Hr. ✍✍✍

☮ Practiced Qs ☮ No amount of Qs will guarantee you to pass the exam, real exam Qs are totally different.

. ✔ StudyNotesandTheory Practice Qs: Concept worked me in real exam and will also work in real life. You might get bore for his lengthy Qs and explanation but short explanation like only why not, will work only when you practice the Qs , our memory is goldfish memory, you'll get wrong answer just after few days which you got wrong earlier or not be able to describe concept.

Trust me, Luke's concept and explanation will work for long time, you will be able to describe the concept anytime if you read the explanation prudently. His Qs are tough but no vague Qs which is available in different test engine Qs.

✔ Total tester for Shon Harris AIO 7th and Practice Qs 4th Ed. Total 2600+ ( have few same Qs in both database)

✔ Exam Cram book ( 1000 Qs )

✔ Lot of Bosson and cccure Qs from Budding CISSP telegram group ( member's posting Qs continuously which s/he gets wrong and concept is not cleared )

✔ Sybex practice Qs 1400

✔ CISM Qs Database 2016 ( You'll get managerial concept Qs)

Videos: only videos. Lengthy but in every video and Qs you'll get CISSP Tips.


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