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How Mallika Cracked Her CISSP Exam!

Thank you to my mentors, my family and everyone who shared their unique journey to becoming CISSP.


My CISSP Journey was full of turbulence ..

On a career break for the past 8 years to raise my kid, I’m a primary caregiver of 7-year-old, full time driver, cook and a cleaner, shoppers add to the list supporting all the working friends who reach out me you saying any way you are free. Guilty as charged I spoil them all 😊 I love doing it all.I have 10 years of IT experience otherwise.

MY CISSP Journey.

I was pursuing CISA. I had my exams coming up in Feb 2021 and in middle of it I got to know about CISSP, and I also enrolled with infosec train for training class for Feb 21, I clearly underestimated the commitment. 😊 and just to be on track or to stay on top of it right!! I need it all, don’t I sound like a lost Soul! Each time Mr. Prabh told me 1 thing at a time, but I’m in a hurry I have no time to waste. I need to find a job now, and of course we “Desi women have our reputation of multi-tasking” how can I let it down right? Well I passed my CISA in Feb 21, while also attending training with Infosec train CISSP classes. The classes got over around march, I made a study plan starting June determined to write the exam in August.

Today as I look back I can say that I did not do my due diligence, well I did study while balancing many roles around my personal life dropping my kid to summer camp and went to book my exam in September and failed my first attempt making it to all 150 questions .I took a deep breath and the rush to pass the exam again I did another blunder with repeating similar mistakes of rushing into it I failed again in November.

Then I took a complete break of 3 months and went to see my parents. March -22, I put in some effort to getting back to studying did boson and many other stuffs but the most important didn’t read the official study guide this time booked my exam in May I failed again for the 3rd time.

I gave up, I was overwhelmed, felt extremely embarrassed, Stressed felt like I wasted tons of resources time /money and the biggest of all I felt I let down the mentors who selflessly supported me, My husband who still thinks I can do it and was a support in every way. My kid who said it ok you can do it , but I said no I can’t to myself. There were times I felt God damn why can’t ppl accept I can’t. In July like a rebound or revenge I said I will do CISM I booked my exam just watched Prabh’s CISM you tube videos, and practiced few questions in Udemy and passed my exam in 2 hrs. Then this passing of CISM made me realize that I passed only on basis of my CISSP Journey this is not a failure. I realize that the whole CISSP has taught me a lot. I need a change of perspective I need to slow down a take another looks with a calm mind and told myself what Prashant kept saying get the concept right, see if you can explain it to another person without being too technical. Today My 7-year-old can explain PII, Encryption, and also the Physical Security of his school :D

Then in August I told will do it again CISSP. I started with reading the The Official Study Guide Cover to Cover and used Memory Palace with it. Watched Prabhs Videos Over and Over I took Study Notes and Theory Subscriptions too in September. I took Luke practice test those were really hard but it helped understand what I was not doing right. Then I rewatched all Prabhs Videos. Then I took my exam on October 20th. I completely stopped studying 2 days before my exam. My husband asked if I wanted to postpone, I said no I’m good I don’t know why but I had this very strange confidence that on 20th October I will be standing and saying I’m a CISSP. The day of my exam I dropped my kid to school, I carried memory palace and reached an hour an a half before my time… just looked at domain 4 there sitting in car because that was the domain I have struggled quite a lot. That moment anxiety kicked in I saw the time, I still had 40 minutes, but I went in they gave the paper pearson vue agreement and I said I don’t want it I know it the lady smiled she probably understood that I was a regular 😊. After she checked me in, she said you have 30 mins time but if you are ready, we have the systems, without thinking I said "Yes maam I’m ready." Throughout the exam I felt calm but I did not gain the speed I took 1.5 hrs to finish my first 50 q ,I took a 5 minute break and came back I gained back speed and took another break only after completing another 100 q, when the questions touched 150 I Still had little over an hour left so I took another break and came back, I told my self you have the time and only 25 questions more and yes I took all my hour to just answer my last 25 question. Exam stopped I walk out the lady at the exam door said you made it I was yes!! She said I’m not talking about the result, I’m talking and the time you managed to sit through, that raced my heart beat, but at the main exit door the lady said Congratulations, I read and re-read the Congratulation .. I’m forever grateful for this Journey which was not possible without selfless support from:

Prashant a mentor a friend along this journey his great contribution Memory Palace & for always being there throughout, cheering up and not letting me give up till I reached my finish line.

Mr Prabh he is mentor a super hero and I feel blessed to have found him in my learning journey, a human so kind supportive and always there. I have tested his patience and yet he was there to help 😊 Im a CISA CISM and CISSP I owe it to you

Priyanka the SPOC she supported in every way in her ability to make sure I got whatever help I wanted 😊

Luke Ahmed I had read think like a manager joined SNT toward September 22 I went through couple of Domains especially domain 3 and domain 4 It really helped establishing my understanding and those were my weak area his test were quite challenging and it definitely helped me to look into what I lacked.

My husband (paying each time I failed ) and my Kid who didn’t give up on me and didn’t let me give up on myself .

Thank You


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