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How Kumar Passed His CC Exam

I recently purchased the S.O.N.I.C Project course from SNT (Study Notes and Theory) by

Luke Ahmed and it helped to clear my CC (Certified in Cybersecurity) exam. Now, I’m

officially CC-certified.

The course comprises all 5 Domains following the CC Exam outline by ISC2. This course is

divided into a Course Introduction video, Domain 1-5 Videos, CC Exam Practice Questions,

and additional Security Job Interview Question videos as a bonus for those who are taking the FIRST step to put their foot in the cybersecurity role.

Features – What I like about the course is the detailed explanation by the instructor, Luke

Ahmed on all the important security concepts that need to be covered for this exam. The

video presentation was excellent, clear, and concise. There were some amazing GUI used to

explain be it on the process flow or perform any side-to-side comparison which makes the

learning experience engaging. Not to forget Luke’s humor when explaining an important

security concept makes it a ‘stress-release dopamine’ and a fun way of learning.

Benefits – Able to brush up on my security concept in certain domains, to name a few BC

and DR, Access Control, and Network Security by having an in-depth understanding of each

of the topics although I have more than 5 years of experience in the information security and

governance field.

Drawback – There is no significant drawback that I encountered during the completion of

the course. Luke has crafted the course according to the requirements without missing any

important points on any topic that is required for the exam. There is also some real-time

experience used and articulated clearly which I’m able to grasp the real security concept

beneath and understanding the OSI model (not memorizing) is just a piece of cake thereafter!

Overall, I would recommend this course for those who are looking to clear their CC exam

and are keen to explore the junior-level cybersecurity role for a start before preparing

themselves for the gold standard, CISSP.

Good luck!


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