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How John L. Cracked His CISSP Exam

Dear CISSP friends,

I have passed the CISSP exam on the 9th October 2018 and would like to share my experience with you.

Firstly, before I go on to share my study plan and my comment about attempting the exams, I would like to thank Luke Ahmed for creating this wonderful study group. Honestly, I don't think I would pass without the help and the generosity from the fellow members and Luke Ahmed himself. Their generosity and effort in sharing their answers is highly commendable.

I would also like to give thank to friends that I have made here, Fadi Sodah, Joyonta Roy, Lim Ming Wei, Tommy Toh , Johnny and many more. They provided a lot of encouragement and "push me on" to complete this exam.

And most importantly, support from my beautiful wife Abby Choo. A lot of prayers and sacrifices from her, and praise the lord, as her prayer is answered.

My Exam and Study experiences --------------------------------------------- CISSP has been a long journey for me. I started studying CISSP about 2 to 3 years ago. I failed 2 times and passed on the 3rd attempt.

I couldn't believe why I failed on the first 2 attempts, as I am very sure that the answer I picked is right. I held a lot of pride believing in what I know as a "Technical" Infrastructure Manager until I finally submit to the fact that I need to put on another hat to "Think like a manager".

Well, The reason why I highlighed this as I have made many friends from this study group who has failed on their 1sf or 2nd attempt too. They admitted that they were very very technical too.

Thinking like a manager is the most important mindset to pass the exam. For those technical people there, you probably want to reshape your mindset when you study CISSP. In the question, you will probably find 2 best answers, 1 is something you will pick, basing on your technical instinct, 2 is something you need to think through as a IT manager. You will probably get it wrong if you go with your Technical instinct. I am not saying it applies to all questions, there are some question are pretty straight to the point, and will only be right if there are no other options but the straight answers. Important to read the questions and answers over and over again.

My study plan 4 months before the exam ------------------------------------------------------ - 2 hours every night and 4 to 5 hours in the week end to practice, read and understand. - Listening to Phil Martin CISSP audio guide when I am driving to work and back to home, doing grocery with my wife, and running. - I took every opportunity with the PDF and Test Apps downloaded in my phone and will refer to it when i am taking my lunch or other breaks.

I can only commit 2 hours during the week days due to work and I am usually exhausted after I reach home. Felt very deprived when I can't have fun with my family. Basically, I need to juggle a lot of things and there are distractions everywhere I go.

Study Material -------------------- - Shon Harris (Seventh Edition) - For reference - Sybex Studied Guide (Kindle version) Edition 7 and 8. - Read 3 times. - 11th Hour CISSP 3rd Edition - Phil Martin CISSP Audio guide - Listened 4 times.

Practice Material --------------------- Luke Ahmed - Study Notes and Theory - A CISSP Study Guide | Members Area - Most recommend. Luke Ahmed test questions are the most realistic questions comparing to the other test practices that I have gone through so far.

Luke Ahmed's members portal is worth every single cent with all the study notes and video which also helps me to understand a very complex concept. Highly recommended as it has help me greatly.

Shon Harris CISSP Practice exam 1st and Second Edition

Sybex CISSP Official (ISC) Practice Test. - Highly recommend this too, next to Luke Ahmed's test questions.


McGraw-Hill Education | CISSP Practice Exams

Sybex Study guide questions - All questions and don't leave out the bonus question. Editon 7 has 4 x 250 Bonus question and Edition 8 has 6 x 150 question. Register this online in the Sybex portal, you can find the link at teh end of the book.

Finally, I have "beat the beast". Thanks everyone. I hope the best for all of you too.


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