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How John Cracked His CISSP Exam

Thanks Luke Ahmed for starting this site. I passed my test today. I found this Facebook group helpful to discuss practice questions where I didn't understand the answer. There are a lot of great minds on this site to have those discussions.

Here is what I did: I took a one week Global Knowledge class that was helpful to kickoff my studies. But, I wouldn't take it unless your work pays for it. They also gave a free exam voucher for the test and access to the Transcender practice exam

Books CISSP All-In-One CISSP 7th edition CISSP Practice Exam 4th edition CISSP Study Guide - Eric Conrad Used the Total Tester CD from the AIO book. I listened to Kelly's Cybrary on my phone. Someone on this site told me you could download them and that was helpful. I also have Safari Online books and listened to Shon Harris while walking my dog.

I found Professor Messer's A+ videos helpful on YouTube.

Between work, snow, and family life, I learned to delegate some home chores. Ex. I paid someone to do fall cleanup which would have cost me a lot of valuable time.

It took me 5 month of off and on studies. Then I waited for winter break when my family went to my in-laws and then took four days of intense studying. Some practice test I did really bad and some I did ok.

Inspirations videos (just listen to the audio)

Also, any SuperBowl LI video will get you pumped.

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