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How Irshaad Cracked His CISSP Exam

Hello Everyone, I've joined this group around 2 weeks ago from now and I've passed the exam on Saturday 09/09/2017. I wanted to share my experience with you as you were an incredible support during this journey despite not being able to subscribe to Luke's website as a member (which I wished I had known earlier by the way).

I have started my CISSP journey by taking an online course last year with Simplilearn (Sept 2016), where I realized that despite having more than 9 years in network security won't be enough to pass the CISSP exam. From there I have decided to go through some more sources like:

1. Sybex 7th edition - read 2. CISSP for dummies - read 3. Shon Harris All-in-one - reference 4. Cybrary + Simplilearn - listen all 5. CCCure - practise as much as you can 6. CISSP 11th Hour - reference 7. Sunflower notes and many other web sources already mentioned in the group - revision

However with my job load and other personal commitment, I did not find the time to study. Then back in July, I scheduled the exam for September and began with my study. I read Sybex and for Dummies cover-to-cover and videos for a month and a half, began with CCCure pro directly for the rest as well as reviewing all domains/chapters that I was not grasping or that needed more depth (then I used Shon Harris to get the depth and 11th hour for its brevity).

This group helped me to get to the exam center and sit with confidence, reading about the other members' experiences helped a lot. As others mentioned, the first 15-30 minutes or so was the most stressful as you will begin to get acquainted to what you are expected to do. Then if you are well prepared you will begin to see the pattern. Its an exam that will make you discover things that you would not have been able to tackle without the intense reading, note-taking and practicing. Its really an exam that test your limits in terms of knowledge, management of time and common-sense as a manager.

I completed the exam in almost 5 hours after much hesitance to click on submit after having reviewed around 45 questions and changed only 3 answers but once the print goes off you'll be relieved!!! Till then I did not know that I passed then I saw the "Congratulations"... For me planning it for 2 months was good enough with the objective of being certified as CISSP which is the goal (now I just have to get the endorsement done).

I hope that this helps and wishes everyone on their CISSP journey best of luck!!!


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