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How Haviv Cracked His CISSP Exam

I have started my journey for achieving the CISSP almost five years back, so I’ve came across many papers of “how I cracked my CISSP exam” documents with this road, so for me to summarize my experience is very exciting, I would like to Pinpoint the things that have helped me the most in order to give you the basic ideas on how YOU CAN DO IT too.

As time flies and with a vague deadline I could not reach my goal.

I’ve faced a lot of up’s and down’s which made me lose my track several times. I think the best way is just to pin a date (a deadline), put everything you’ve got on it, and run thought it (even if sometimes it looks like your facing a wall – just brake it and walk thought it). I have never felt ready, well what is ready? ready is when you pass the 80% on your practice

questions exams but that just a ground rule, if you ask me that’s totally up to you when you feel ready or not. I can honestly tell you that from my experience on trying to defeat this

beast you need to keep these three basic facts in mind – and when you see all three categories (the rule of three) taking effect on your life you’re ON THE RIGHT TRACK.

Important thing I didn’t believe in at first but managed to see how it does make magic, well the day before the exam just when you just about to lose your mind, TAKE THE DAY OFF, like literally OFF, go to the beach \ read a good book \ sleep or anything else just to unwind as long as you can relax your mind before the big day. I’ve added some snapshots for you down here regarding my time management practice so you can make your own as you like.

Time and scoring are authentic and real.

The Rule of Three!


1) Family and friends are aware and their acceptance for your journey to support and encouragement and not for asking permission remember this is YOUR GOAL! Not anyone’s else

2) Work daytime\nighttime job without special projects (less surprises as possible)

3) Choose your battles and make sacrifice – know when to leave the study plans and the opposite is knowing what to you sacrifice to achieve your goal.


1) The way of thinking “Think like a manager” approach

2) Persistence Dedication and self-awareness = Self Discipline

3) knowledge is power USE IT in your day to day

Study Plan

1) Time management – Plan Plan Plan and then DO (PDCA model)

2) Relevant books and video – collect and make your own notes = Cram

3) Practice questions (Train hard, fight easy, Alexander Suvorov)

You can try many times, but you can achieve it only once YOUR GOAL - Haviv Zaken

This is the material I’ve used:


1) CISSP All-in-One Shon Harris(RIP) Exam Guide,7 th edition

2) Sybex book 7 th edition + official practice questions and answers

3) Sybex book 8 th edition + official practice questions and answers

4) CISSP All-in-One Exam Guide, Eighth Edition

5) ISC2 CBK official student guide

6) Eric Conrad 11 th hour

7) Sunflower V2.0

8) Quizlet Flashcards

9) ISC2 Flashcards

External websites

1) Cybary video section of Kelly handerhan (also available in audio


2) Wikipedia is your friend

3) Simplilearn website

4) Thor Teaches Website

5) Shon Harris Audio files

6) Oreilly Online training

Facebook Groups

1) “Study notes and theory” - Mr. Luke Ahmed

2) “Effective CISSP” - Mr. Wentz Wu

YouTube Channel’s

- Skillset channel

- Destination certification cissp – Mr. John Berti + Mr. Rob Witcher

- Simplilearn Channel

- CISSPrep channel

- 60secondstraining channel

- IT Dojo channel – Mr. Colin Weaver

- Thor Teaches channel

- Per topic video are always handy – drilldown and in-depth knowledge

Questions Banks

1) Boson cissp questions

2) CCCure website of Mr. Clement Dupuis practice questions

3) Sybex Wiley website for practice questions ** make sure you choose the practice questions that are genuine and correct, you may encounter some question banks that have mistakes in their answers or explanations – this is what makes you stronger and READY.

Mobile Applications

2m on 2m material - look like this

Persistence is the ability to keep moving forward, in spite of difficulties - Byron Pulsifer

It's just the tip of the iceberg. Remember a mile wide and an inch deep.

Best of luck on you journey

Haviv Zaken, CISSP



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