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How Fabio Losnak Cracked His CISSP Exam

My journey to CISSP exam started by the one objective: improve my knowledge about Security Information on broad perspective.

So I thought: How can I get this knowledge with the right source and in the same time be challenged by it?

I realized that study to a Security certification should be the best strategy. When you talk about an Information Security certification in management and technical approach + broad perspective + hard to pass = CISSP comes up!

The difficulty to pass the exam enticed me to chase it. I will share my plan and the main points that I understand that is important to reach the "Everest": 1-) I did the CAT model - 1h15m - 100 questions- 1st attempt.

2-) There are no shortcuts, you have to know all 8 domains with some depth. I spent 1 year and 3 months of study / preparation.

3-) The CAT test is a shock, because the questions are quite different from the simulated ones we do. Different in approach, not in content. Be psychologically prepared to be unsure whether you have answered each question correctly.

4-) My test have more "management" issues than "bit/byte". But I think it's random, each test might be different from each other.

5) Study the concept, make simulations, understand what was wrong, study the concept - This is the cycle.

6-) If you can, take a week off before the exam to dedicate to studies. The concepts will be fresher in your mind at test time.

7-) Physical activity for your body, diet and non-alcohol - At least 2 weeks before the test. If you already have this habit, your already got ahead (makes a big difference)

Sources of studies (it´s really enough!):

- Sybex CISSP Official Guide - 8th Edition (full read)

- Shon Harris All-in-One 8th Edition (full read) ** These 2 book complement each other, I strongly recommend to read both

- Official ISC2 training – KA Solution (40 hours - is a good review)

- Study and Theory from Luke - Their questions make you think broader and deep!

- All practice simulations in the books Last, never give up, CISSP is not for everyone, is for you that have determination and focus! The taste in the end is awesome. Good luck, Fabio


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