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How Emily Cracked Her CISSP Exam


I must say that I am not a big fan on study plans. If you have long commutes, a demanding job, the only way out is probably to study smart. Everyone has a different approach, I like to explain the concepts to my friends to test myself. It is also important to keep reminding yourself why you want to take this exam. For me, it is to prove to others that I know my field well.

These are the tips that I can share:

  1. Install a few mobile apps and try to do practice questions during your lunch breaks or whenever you feel like it.

  2. Hang around like minded people in SNT Telegram group, I found a few valuable friends there who are never selfish to share their knowledge.

  3. Find someone who holds CISSP whom you want to beat or become. I kept thinking to myself, if he can do it, why can’t I ?

  4. Take an online class if you can afford. Be prepared before the class and do your revision.

  5. I didn’t focus on CISSP only since I know it is a test on several topics so I also checked out the reference material for other certifications eg security plus, cloud, network plus, etc.

  6. Lastly, moving your body is good for your mind.I keep an exercise routine ( swimming ) and try to have quality sleep everyday. I don’t recommend sleepless nights.


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Thank you.


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