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How Eduardo Cracked His CISSP Exam!

Hey guys finally I did it and I want to share my CISSP experience, but before I start I want to tell you something pretty clear: 4 months ago a had an unexpected Brain hemorrhage (pretty serious stuff); today I am happy to be alive and to be CISSP, so I don’t want attention BUT if I could, what’s your excuse???

The way is not easy and the exam neither, is NOT an easy thing.

The key to pass this exam are 2 things: 1) how mad you want it, and 2) the force behind you (your wife/husband, your family, your sons/daughters, your friends, love, a better position, a rise in salary, a better world….the list ca go on and on…you have to find yours)

Let me tell you this on my own experience, this exam is not so technical BUT you will need to know how the stuff woks, let me explain this….You will learn what is a sweet cat: mammal, vertebrate, howl, is 20-30 cms high, hat 9 lives, love eating mice and so on….. in the exam you will find this question:

What’s an animal?

Possible answers:


b) bicycle

c) person

d) cat

(this is pretty simple and silly example) So you will need to know the details to INFER that cat is the right answer. A Dog is a potential answer, it potentially could fit but it wasn’t listed…so imho so is the exam.

You DO need to know your stuff but I would prefer READ the question TWICE instead to think deeply technical. You just WONT find questions like: What has 9 lives, vertebrate and howls? Learning facts is useful and mandatory but you have to think for this exam.

Now I understand the experience requirement.

I would like to especially thank Luke Ahmed ,Ahmed Khatib, Matheus Vasconcelos de Oliveira Jey Bose and everyone of you.

One should know that the info contained here is more less Info that you will find in regular CISSP book, but what I personally learned here was: to be way more persistent, empowerment, motivational, inspirational, to want to walk that extra mile; the people in this forum have make me to pursue this dream instead just give up. I love you all guys because you teach me how to fight for the things I want.

God bless you all.

So my preparation:

Time: 12 moths (4 months not included for recobvery for the brain thing).

Resources: Shon Harris (Book and Questions)

Cybrary (old and new videos)

McGraw Hill (on line exams)

Official CBK

Sybex Official (Book and online exams)

CBT Nuggets

CCCure (online exams)

Plenty of youtube videos (to get the thing) and personal notes.

Bigger than the knowledge, is the CISSP Facebook study group, which is AMAZING. Thanks to Luke Ahmed, and every one of you.

Those resources gave me the academic knowledge BUT you have to find your inspiration (for me was my beautiful and supportive Wife, she always believed on me and she brought me literally to the life cause she brought me to the hospital when this thing on my brain happened. She is the most precious “thing” I have)

So guys, this is my experience, my dates, my resources…. Don’t forget it: you have to know your “enemy” to fight smarter. It’s such a pleasure to be part of this selected team and if you have questions I will be glad to help you cause I want to keep learning. I passed the CISSP but the leaning path is way longer.

Please forgive me for my bad English is not my 1st. and not even my 2nd. main language. Sorry about it.


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