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How Devon Cracked His CISSP Exam

How Devon Passed CISSP

OK - to start, my advice will be, don't do what I did. I initially started studying for this exam with the idea of spending as little money as possible.

Well, $6000 later, I was willing to do just about anything to pass.

See the timeline below:

August, 2016: I decided I was going to take the CISSP. Being a super intelligent guy, I was confident I could pass it with ease and minimal studying. I proceeded to listen to the Study Notes and Theory podcast and Cybrary videos to get an idea of what I was in for. After finishing both of those, I thought I could breeze through this exam. For good measure, I went ahead and registered for a boot camp.

November 2016: Bootcamp completed. I read 11th hour and was confident I would pass. I took about 1500 practice questions and was getting around 70%.

January 2017: After doing some additional studying, I felt I was ready to take the exam. I arrived at my testing center early and smiled for my picture (I was obviously unprepared for the hell that awaited me). The exam proceeded to kick me in the teeth and make me realize how unprepared I truly was. I kept thinking, I am never going to pass this awful test. Well, I ended up getting a 655. I was very upset and disappointed. I took 3 weeks off of studying and decided I would approach again.

February 2017: My job was on the line if I didn't pass this exam, so I to put in place all possible safeguards to assure a pass. I would read Conrad 3rd edition and I registered for yet another boot camp. I was hesitant on the boot, but it had a pass guarantee or they pay for another exam. I also hired a private tutor to help me study tough sections. This is when the money began leaving my bank account thousands of dollars at a time. My tutor and I decided I

should try to hit as many possible questions paired with this second boot camp.

March 2017: After completing an AWESOME boot camp and working with my tutor I felt way more prepared to sit for the exam. I went into the exam without a smile this time and entered the CISSP ring. Around question 150 I

thought to myself, I may pass this thing, and then I proceeded to not know the answers to any of the next 25 questions. I had a chance to review the exam one time, and my time was about up. I prayed and made deals with multiple devils hoping for the best. I ended up passing the exam and made an audible exclamation in the exam center.

Summary: Since passing the exam, my life has returned to normal, and my wife appears to like me again. My total cost on books, classes, and study materials was about $6000. My second boot camp was VERY good, and I think

that was a critical part in me getting my pass. My tutor was also very good.

Bottom-line: This is a tough exam. In hindsight, I could have probably passed with Sybex and 4000 practice questions, but I took a different route and

thankfully conquered the beast.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions


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