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How Arun Cracked His CISSP Exam


I have passed my CISSP exam on March 2018.

Kindly find the study guide and preparation method which I followed from the experts. I have started actually in the beginning of 2017 when I bought Sybex 7th edition.

I have read the entire book at least 3 times. 2 times in-depth review and 3rd one quick review. After that I watched the whole Kelly videos.

In the mean time I constantly checked Luke’s Facebook study notes page and also a member in Ahmed’s Telegram group. Both are to me, really awesome and I highly recommend to join and make use of it.

Also checked Fadi Sodah’s tips and guides which is too good as well and very helpful. Did practise tests in chapter end of Sybex 7th and also did on isc2 official practise tests. After identifying the weak domains where I got low marks, I read the weak domains again in Sybex 7th edition. After that I watched whole of Sari Greene videos.

I looked some quick reviews on Eric Conrad 11th hour and some Mike Chappel videos. After that I had some good grasp on the domains. During the exam month I only looked on my notes which I took on during the study phase from all the books and videos I studied.

The exam: Very tough one and questions proves very challenging. There were no flagging options and I answer based on the conceptual understanding. I got whole 150 questions and when I answered the last question I got 13 minutes left. Time management is crucial as well.

I got the report and glad to see the provisionally passed printed on it.

Tips: Focus on concepts, concepts.

Do as many practise questions as possible which provides you on how to approach the exam.

Check your weak domains by referring as many books until you have solid understanding.

More importantly take notes and refer them during the exam days as last minute prep.

Constantly check Luke’s face book study page and Ahmed’s telegram group(Highly recommend)

Books and materials I referred:

1)Sybex 7th edition

2)Shon Harris audio’s (only on weaker area)

3)Whole of kelly videos

4)Whole of Sari Greene videos

5)David miller videos (certain domains only)

6)Eric Conrad 11th hour (during exam time)

7)My notes ( very imp)

8)Face book page of study notes and theory by Luke Ahmad (Highly recommend)

9)Ahmed ‘s telegram group of CISSP (Highly recommend)

Trust yourself !!

Good luck


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