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How Anish Cracked His CISSP Exam

Dear friends

I have started my CISSP journey by taking Study and Notes Theory subscription in 2017 October. Initially I bought (ISC)2 official study guide Sybex 7th edition and started preparing. Initially I planned to write exam in 2018 June , but stopped study due to some personal circumstances. 2018 November I started to prepare again but failed in December 2018 exam. In the CAT exam I was able complete around 140 questions in 3 hours time.

In the second attempt I have started October 2019 to prepare again and took exam 2020 January end. I used process guide and Dan's Notes for reference while preparing .

I have used following materials in my CISSP journey as main resources

1. (ISC)2 offical study guide 7th edition

2. All in one CISSP exam guide by Shon Harris

And used below books for reference

3. CISSP Study Guide 3rd Edition by Eric Conrad

4. 11th Hour Study Guide 3rd Edition by Eric Conrad

Questions practiced:

1. (ISC)2 official practice Tests 1st edition

2. (ISC)2 official practice Tests 2nd edition

3. CISSP Practice Exam 4th Edition

4. CCURE Subscription

5. Boson Practice Test

6. Pocket Prep App

7. (ISC)2 Mobile Apps

10. Total tester questions

11. Tata Mcgrawhill CISSP Questions

12. Sygnress CISSP questions.

During CISSP exam, in first hour I completed only around 35 questions, questions were tough I took time to answer them .Around 30 min remaining in the clock I finished 100 questions, when 101 questions came I was little nervous but I kept calm and stayed positive . But 100 questions onward were very familiar to me. When 3 hours finished I have completed 144 questions. When I have come out the reception staff had kept my result paper in table and smiling. After seeing the result I felt so happy. I finally conquered the beast. I am very thankful to God Almighty, and to my family and friends, SNT Luke Ahmed, SNT telegram group Dawood ,Madkhan, Ahmed Khatib and other friends in Telegram group helped me in the journey.


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