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How Ajay Cracked His CISSP Exam

Dear Cyber Professionals,

I have passed the CISSP on 03 Aug at 100 questions in 1h 40 min. The exam is possible with dedicated efforts and with persistence learning. Thank you very much all in SNT Facebook, budding CISSP telegram group, for your guidance and continuous support on this awesome group.

Special recognition goes out to my family, for their support, also special thanks to Aditya , Ritu, kunal and Luke Ahmed .

I studied the CISSP from the under mentioned reference:-

- CISSP official guide Sybex from cover to cover (Multiple times)

- My Secondary Book Eric Conrad’s CISSP® Study Guide, 3rd Edition

-AIO Question bank

-AIO by Shon Harris

-TMH exams


-Sybex practice tests(1300 questions)

-Skillset (1200 questions approx)

-MGT414 (All questions)

- 11 hour CISSP

-Question practice available (750questions on

-Budding CISSP telegram group (5000 questions approx)

-Every PDF available on SNT website (Excellent Source)

--CISSP Complete Test Prep & Cheat Sheet --

--Madunix blog for CISSP


-Shon Audio clips

-Cybrary (Videos Kelly)

-Study Notes and Theory Videos (membership videos)

-Youtube (Larry Greenbelt)

- Lot of Googling for concepts which was not clear in Sybex.

-CISSP complete vedio by

All together I must have done approx 10K + practice question so as to make every concept very clear and so as to eliminate the incorrect answer in exam and that eventually helped during exam. Study mode with enough questions practice tunes our mind for exam that needs you to figure out the best solution for the given situation. I read many blogs for opinions about what formula should be used to become a CISSP on google. I will tell you right here there is “NO MAGIC FORMULA”.

The formula is completely different for everyone. However, there is a common denominator "SACRIFICE".

As soon as you are ready to make CISSP your one and only goal then only you will succeed. You have to put everything aside and invest quality time and hard work. It’s that simple and it’s the only path to the Certification.

Bottom line is everyone is capable of sacrifice and capable of earning the CISSP.

Thanks to everyone, you people were a vital part of my journey. Thanks for helping me to keep up with my preparation. Thank you very much for taking out your precious time for reading this lengthy note.

Thanks Everyone!!! Good luck on your journey.


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