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How Ahmed S. Cracked His CISSP Exam

Ahmed S. is feeling thankful.

Last Sunday, I killed the beast. 8th of December 2019, I will remember this day. Although the journey wasn't easy and the exam was very tough, I will miss it. CISSP was not a just exam, it was a journey of gaining knowledge, identifying my weakness and correcting wrong concepts.

If you still didn't pass yet, then please enjoy every moment, enjoy the healthy discussion, enjoy the support from everyone in the Study Notes and Theory Facebook group.

Before I share my recommended road map, I would like to stress on the below:

Think like a consultant or a manager without being the true manager.

Don’t change anything ...think …think …think then follow the change management process.

We are business enabler, so every control or counter measure should be justified before acquiring or implementing.

Think big…think end game…business should not be impacted and human life is your first priority and data is your second.

None of the test bank are near to the exam, don't depend on one single source...practice ....practice ....practice any question you find and take care as some question might mislead you.

If you are not sure of the answer, then read it again on Sybex.

I wish you all the best of luck and please find the recommended road map for completing the CISSP journey:

  • Ping me if you fail to understand anything especially concepts, I will really enjoy that.

  • Start with Kelly Handerhan (She is not a human)

  • Sybex 8th edition is essential to pass the exam.

  • Register at Wiley test banks by using your Sybex book.

  • Try to Register at Sybex Practice test 2nd as it's really nice to stress on concepts.

Both Sybex questions are straight forward, which will just help you in finding your weakness and then read the topic again on Sybex 8th.

CISSP is managerial exam but you need to understand deep technical so you can make a decision, I got around 20 questions which required a deep technical knowledge.

  • Once you are done, it's recommended to purchase Boson. "" It's really good and it will help in the exam.

  • 3 months before the exam, register on SNT and you should start with videos then practice the 500+'s amazing...thank a lot Luke Ahmed

  • Try to watch IT Dojo if you like it…I didn’t like it but I used it on the last two weeks

  • Before one week of the exam, read the Memory Palace and in case anything is not yet clear then I would recommend if you google it or try to find any video on YouTube.

  • 2 days before the exam, you should watch then for several times.

Don't depend a lot on your score, read the answer more than once even if you answer the question correctly.

If the concepts are clear, then you are ready for the exam.


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