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CISSP Exam Changes for 2021

CISSP Exam Changes for 2021 Video - Part 1

CISSP Exam Changes for 2021 Video - Part 2

How much of the exam has changed?

The changes are slight and not massive. This is the pattern of new CISSP exam changes every 3 years, they are minor and just meant to keep up with the current changes in technology along with the proper security considerations. The video above will do its best to go over all potentially new topics.

Do you have to buy new CISSP study guide books for these changes?

After or slightly before May 1, 2021 I am sure new editions of current CISSP books will come out to reflect the new topics. However, much like the new syllabus, the books have just a few pages of additional details.

Do these new changes affect my upcoming exam which is before May 1, 2021?

While nobody knows for sure what the contents of the exam are ever going to be, you will most likely not be affected. Just keep doing what you’re doing. If you wanted to look at the new syllabus and be prepared just in case, that would be a great due diligence measure.

Is it still worth it to schedule an exam this year or wait for another year?

Don't worry about what begins when and what ends, the exam won't be that different if you truly just study with full focus. No matter the exam change, if you know your concepts it won't matter which exam you receive. Don’t find yourself using this new change as an excuse to put off your CISSP, you never know what will happen next year in your life. Instead, use this as a motivation to get it done before having to take an exam with new changes.


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