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10 Tips For Passing the CISSP Exam

More than helping folks pass their CISSP, I like reading about their study experiences after passing the exam even more!

Here is a collection of some great quotes from those who already cracked their CISSP and shared their experience!

CISSP is not 1+1 =2 exam , its 1+1 , and then depends on which hash algorithm you used, how that was then encrypted, which tunnel ,route it passed though, before arriving at the recipient, how he decrypted and verified it , is mostly likely still wrong the answer, why, because you didn’t get Management Approval - How Kevin Cracked His CISSP Exam

Exam has nothing to do with practice qns, but as much practice qns you take it will be good during exam. It will take out fear when you are facing the real exam. - How Parikumar Cracked His CISSP Exam

3000 or 5000 questions won’t help you if all you do is go through questions and just note the correct answer. There is no progress in repeating the same questions, rather get a new question wrong than be correct on a question you have done before. - How Prince Cracked His CISSP Exam

After booking the exam, it really fueled me to have put more concentration and think better, basically more dedication than what it was. It really puts effect on your regime/thinking/mindset. Now you are into it, and no escape, not even from your own instincts. - How Rajan Cracked His CISSP Exam

Never study from one source. CISSP CBK depends on multiple sources, to get the maximum benefits don’t study from one source. You can review my plan and choose the best sources for you. Never think that the CISSP exam is based on Memorizing. This course and exam are 100% based on concept understanding ONLY. - How ELmoshrify Cracked His CISSP Exam

Unlike most, I did not do a breadth of questions, but redo the above limited test questions again and again to make sure I understand and remember concepts. I watched videos on concepts that I don’t understand from the books or did not have experience. - How Stephanie Cracked Her CISSP Exam

I would talk about the motivation first because that’s what drives your efforts. I was really looking for a course which can give me good technical knowledge and cover wide range of security services as well from an architect perspective. Got to know about the hype of CISSP and I was attracted. Analyzed the course content and made up my mind that this would be the best for me. Told myself below things: - I am a CISO or a business person. I need to ensure everything goes well for my organization in the best cost effective manner and I don’t know technology unless I am forced towards that line only. - How Pratyush Cracked His CISSP Exam

As I took the practice tests, I would note the concepts that I was missing on a sheet of paper and follow up by Googling later to reinforce the explanations. I also referred to these sheets during later studying to make sure I was familiar with those weak spots. - How Tony Cracked His CISSP Exam

When I got serious about the exam, I studied by using practice questions, paying just as much attention to why answers were wrong as why they were right. If I didn’t understand, I used the Shon Harris All-in-One study guide and/or her mp3’s for reinforcement. I didn’t repeat any questions. I just went to another resource for more practice questions. I did not want to get used to seeing the same questions. I needed to understand how to answer the questions. - How Linda Cracked Her CISSP Exam

These 100 - 150 questions in the exam may be official accreditation to put CISSP after your name but the inherent knowledge you gain during your journey will make people feel himself as CISSP by heart which can not be measured by any exam. - How Indrajit Cracked His CISSP Exam

The greatest resource to pass the exam is: you. - Luke Ahmed


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