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study notes and theory



You're reading the same books. 


Watching the same videos. 


Taking the same old practice questions. 

Study Notes and Theory offers a different way to study for the CISSP exam. 


With our collection of resources, you will:

  • Focus on core CISSP concepts

  • Learn about the new updated exam topics

  • Approach CAT format questions 

  • Think like a manager

  • See examples of high-level thinking

  • Correlate topics across multiple domains

  • Have more resources than an expensive bootcamp

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Keep up the good work

CISSP videos


Targeted custom CISSP videos focused on the most core concepts of the exam.  Includes practice question review videos, cross-domain correlation, and exam strategies.

"By far the best videos/website out there. Luke is a funny guy and is very good at explaining things." - Julien

"I really don’t have words to explain how beautifully Luke makes people understand the concept of most difficult or confusing topics." -Anurag

"The depth of his questions and the simple, yet smart delivery methods of his videos are just incomparable.  You won't find stuff like this anywhere else on the Internet!" -Wala

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